Short Poetry Collection 087


This is a collection of poems read by LibriVox volunteers for the month of March 2010.

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

Group: Short Poetry Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Advice to a Young Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Etext Katie Riley
00:01:08 en
Play 02 Better Far to Pass Away Richard Dennys Etext Ernst Pattynama
00:01:51 en
Play 03 Clerihews Edmund Clerihew Bentley Etext Algy Pug
00:01:23 en
Play 04 Conversation Galante T. S. Eliot Etext Miss Avarice
00:01:09 en
Play 05 Dead Love Mary Mathews Adams Etext Lee Ann Howlett
00:01:23 en
Play 06 The Dream of Eugene Aram Thomas Hood Etext ANK
00:07:54 en
Play 07 Failure Rupert Brooke Etext Miss Avarice
00:00:53 en
Play 08 The Gift of the Gods E. Nesbit Etext Ruth Golding
00:02:16 en
Play 09 Had I the Choice Walt Whitman Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:01:13 en
Play 10 Jabberwocky Lewis Carroll Etext Tom Barron
00:01:39 en
Play 11 Lines from "Maurine" Ella Wheeler Wilcox Etext Lee Ann Howlett
00:01:22 en
Play 12 Macbeth Walter De la Mare Etext T. Tilbe
00:01:15 en
Play 13 Medicine Song of an Indian Lover Charles Fenno Hoffman Etext Seneca Suter
00:00:55 en
Play 14 On the World Francis Quarles Etext L. Lambert Lawson
00:00:41 en
Play 15 The Romaunt of Humpty Dumpty Henry Sambrooke Leigh Etext Ruth Golding
00:01:36 en
Play 16 Song of the Bow Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Etext Katie Riley
00:01:44 en
Play 17 Sonnet 130 William Shakespeare Etext Lucy Perry
00:01:19 en
Play 18 Sonnet 138 William Shakespeare Etext Ernst Pattynama
00:01:19 en
Play 19 Thanks in Old Age Walt Whitman Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:02:08 en
Play 20 To Mary John Clare Etext Dennis D.
00:01:15 en
Play 21 Valentine Song Robert Argyle Campbell Etext Dennis D.
00:00:41 en
Play 22 The West Wind John Masefield Etext Algy Pug
00:02:05 en
Play 23 When I Read the Book Walt Whitman Etext Simon J Dooley
00:00:42 en