Short Poetry Collection 053


LibriVox’s Short Poetry Collection 053: a collection of 20 public-domain poems.

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

Group: Short Poetry Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Aloof (ed. Arthur Quiller-Couch) Christina Rossetti Etext Clarica
00:01:08 en
Play 02 The Baby George MacDonald Etext Renae Nichols
00:01:43 en
Play 03 The First Snowfall James Russell Lowell Etext Renae Nichols
00:02:17 en
Play 04 Indian Burying Ground Philip Freneau Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:03:06 en
Play 05 Jabberwocky Lewis Carroll Etext Tysto
00:01:52 en
Play 06 The Night Has a Thousand Eyes Francis William Bourdillon Etext Michael Thomas Robinson
00:01:01 en
Play 07 Composed upon Westminster Bridge William Wordsworth Etext Marilyn Saklatvala
00:01:39 en
Play 08 Remember Christina Rossetti Etext Jessidney
00:01:24 en
Play 09 A Silent Mouth Cathal O'Byrne Etext Clarica
00:01:32 en
Play 10 A Slumber Did my Spirit Seal William Wordsworth Etext Hit_Picker
00:00:56 en
Play 11 Solitude Ella Wheeler Wilcox Etext Michael Thomas Robinson
00:02:01 en
Play 12 Song of Myself - Section 18 Walt Whitman Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:01:28 en
Play 13 Song of Myself - Section 19 Walt Whitman Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:02:00 en
Play 14 Song of Myself - Section 29 Walt Whitman Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:01:03 en
Play 15 Song of Myself - Section 31 Walt Whitman Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:02:28 en
Play 16 Sonnet Arthur Davison Ficke Etext Clarica
00:01:09 en
Play 17 The Things that are More Excellent William Watson Etext Michael Thomas Robinson
00:04:43 en
Play 18 Vastness Alfred, Lord Tennyson Etext Mindy H
00:04:57 en
Play 19 War Sonnets IV - The Dead Rupert Brooke Etext Andy Minter (1934-2017)
00:01:23 en
Play 20 The Year Carl Sandburg Etext Clarica
00:00:54 en