Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 084


Ghosts everywhere, and of any colour," was the promise of Spectropia, a book of "surprising spectral illusions" published in 1863. Optical illusions were among the twenty vol. 084 topics, chosen by their readers, which were concerned with science, technology, and medicine, including the societal implications of decision making in these fields: (The Equality of Inertial and Gravitational Mass; The Machine That Thinks; Rocks For Homes; Ottawa Illinois Radiation Area; Florence Nightingale to Her Nurses; Cincinnati's "Old Cunny; and Buck v. Bell). This Troubled World, a 1938 essay by Eleanor Roosevelt, is joined by others with a sociological focus: (The Graves of the Fallen; The American Indian in the Great War (1921); A Letter to a Hindu: The Subjection of India (1908); and Not Revolution, but Evolution). Rational thought is explored in both philosophic and religious contexts (Ascending Forms and Powers; The Four Gospels from a Lawyer's Standpoint). Foibles and quibbles get their due (Mr. Flannery Finds Himself; On Being Bored). The collection is then rounded out with a history of Danzig and letters relating to the Hamilton-Burr duel. Summary by Sue Anderson

Genre(s): *Non-fiction

Language: English

Group: Short Nonfiction Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 The American Indian in the Great War (1921) George P. Donehoo Etext Colleen McMahon
00:10:37 en
Play 02 Buck v. Bell (1927) United States Supreme Court Etext Dale Grothmann
00:09:36 en
Play 03 Cincinnati's "Old Cunny," A Notorious Purveyor of Human Flesh Linden Forest Edwards Etext Alan Dove
00:17:37 en
Play 04 Danzig (today's Gdańsk) Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th Ed. Etext Piotr Nater
00:07:01 en
Play 05 The Equality of Inertial and Gravitational Mass as an Argument for the General Postulate of Relativity Albert Einstein Etext Lector1
00:07:34 en
Play 06 Mr. Flannery Finds Himself Anonymous Etext Dale Grothmann
00:01:53 en
Play 07 Florence Nightingale to her Nurses, Excerpt Florence Nightingale Etext Twylla Johnson
00:40:24 en
Play 08 The Four Gospels from a Lawyer's Standpoint Edward Hatch Bennett Etext InTheDesert
00:51:58 en
Play 09 The Graves of the Fallen Rudyard Kipling Etext Availle
00:16:27 en
Play 10 Hamilton-Burr Duel Correspondence Various Etext Ryan Lohner
00:08:23 en
Play 11 A Letter to a Hindu: The Subjection of India (1908) Leo Tolstoy Etext Kazbek
00:43:47 en
Play 12 The Machine That Thinks (1904) Russell Doubleday Etext Jay Randolph
00:09:12 en
Play 13 Not Revolution, but Evolution (1792) Johann Gottfried Herder Etext Craig Campbell
00:21:29 en
Play 14 On Being Bored Anonymous Etext Dale Grothmann
00:03:19 en
Play 15 Public Health Assessment for Ottawa, Illinois, Radiation Area, July 25, 2006, Excerpt U. S. Department of Health & Human Services Etext Sue Anderson
00:22:06 en
Play 16 Rocks for Homes Charles Barnard Etext J. M. Smallheer
00:18:27 en
Play 17 A Series of Ascending Forms and Powers prevails in our Earthly Creation Johann Gottfried Herder Etext Craig Campbell
00:13:14 en
Play 18 Spectropia J. H. Brown Etext Rapunzelina
00:16:44 en
Play 19 This Troubled World (1938) Eleanor Roosevelt Etext David Wales
00:49:17 en
Play 20 18 U.S. Code § 2101 - Riots United States House of Representatives Etext Dale Grothmann
00:06:18 en