Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 081


"There has always been a tendency on the part of men of brains to look with contempt on women's work in the arts." Screenwriter and novelist Anita Loos' acerbic opinion is part of "Women in Film Speak Their Minds (1925).” Ida Tarbell's "Women as Inventors" showcases female accomplishment. Vol. 081 contains commentary on a variety of human concerns: fame (The Approaching Epidemic); scandal (The Reynolds Pamphlet); religion (Infant Baptism; Christianity and Culture; John Huss; Hussites); education (Flourishing Mediocrity); entrepreneurship (The Telephone: Building the Business and Patent Disputes); patriotism (Our Union and Its Defenders); and books (Melville's Whale; Old-Time Librarians). Technical ingenuity is highlighted in "Pompeian Surgical Instruments" and "Submarines." Local history is the subject of "The French and British at Three Rivers." Two readings about seagulls focus on the natural world. Finally, "Coffee, Tea & Cocoa Recipes" brings quiet comfort to the weary. Summary by Sue Anderson Women in Film Speak Their Minds (1925) is a compilation of remarks on "the feminine mind in picture making" by nine 1920's female screenwriters, script builders, and title writers: Mary Pickford, Jane Murfin, Marion Fairfax, Anita Loos, Clara Beranger, Josephine Lovett Robertson, Eve Unsell, June Mathis, and Leah Baird.

Genre(s): *Non-fiction

Language: English

Group: Short Nonfiction Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 The Approaching Epidemic Mark Twain Etext altrin
00:04:25 en
Play 02 Christianity and Culture John Gresham Machen Etext InTheDesert
00:27:59 en
Play 03 Coffee, Tea & Cocoa Recipes Maria Parloa Etext BettyB
00:10:38 en
Play 04 The Curse of Education: Flourishing Mediocrity Harold E. Gorst Etext PS Ahdi
00:10:39 en
Play 05 The French and British at Three Rivers Fort Wayne and Allen County Public Library Etext Tatiana Chichilla
00:15:36 en
Play 06 Gulls, Human Wildlife Conflicts & Overview of the Species US Dept of Agriculture & US Food Administration Etext Sue Anderson
00:17:58 en
Play 07 Herman Melville's Whale Anonymous Etext Scott McKinley
00:15:02 en
Play 08 Hussites Count Francis Lützow Etext Piotr Nater
00:18:59 en
Play 09 Hussites: John Huss, Bohemian Reformer and Martyr John Sutherland Black Etext Piotr Nater
00:22:15 en
Play 10 Of Infant Baptism and Dipping John Owen Etext InTheDesert
00:21:45 en
Play 11 Our Union And Its Defenders: An Oration, July 4th, 1862, Burlington, New Jersey John Howard Pugh Etext David Wales
00:45:41 en
Play 12 Pompeian Surgery and Surgical Instruments Nicholas Senn Etext Availle
00:38:32 en
Play 13 The Reynolds Pamphlet Alexander Hamilton Etext Ryan Lohner
00:53:17 en
Play 14 The Seagull, from Birds in the Calendar, August Frederick G. Aflalo Etext PS Ahdi
00:11:57 en
Play 15 Some Old-Time Old-World Librarians (1914) Theodore Wesley Koch Etext David Wales
00:44:06 en
Play 16 Submarines in War and Peace Russell Doubleday Etext Nick Vlahakis
00:36:19 en
Play 17 The Telephone: Building the Business Herbert Newton Casson Etext Jay Randolph
00:43:09 en
Play 18 The Telephone: Patent Disputes Herbert Newton Casson Etext Jay Randolph
00:38:18 en
Play 19 Women as Inventors Ida M. Tarbell Etext J. M. Smallheer
00:21:56 en
Play 20 Women in Film Speak Their Minds (1925) Anonymous Etext Amy Dunkleberger
00:32:44 en