Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 075


Twenty short nonfiction works chosen by the readers. Is the sound of a dripping faucet music? According to Aldous Huxley, "The music of the drops is the symbol and type of the whole universe... asymptotic to sense, infinitely close to significance, but never touching it." (Water Music). Sensory and psychological exploration define several recordings in Vol. 075 (On the Pleasures of Friendship; Prohibition; The Danger of Lying in Bed; The Effects of Opium in Lowness of Spirits; How to Listen to Music; The Story of the Alphabet; Letter from William Blake; and Poets). Narrative history and biography apply a more traditional approach to questions of motivation (Jesse James; Europe in the Mid-17th Century; The History of British India; On the Federal Constitution; John Quincy Adams and the Right of Petition; Saving Mr. Lincoln; Moses Maimonides). Lastly, the importance of critical and scientific observation are highlighted in Velocities Expressed in Meters per Second; The Original Hudson Tunnel; and The Peruvian Earthquake of 1868. Summary by Sue Anderson

The Subways and Tunnels of New York was co-authored by Lucius I Wightman and William Lawrence Saunders.

Genre(s): *Non-fiction

Language: English

Group: Short Nonfiction Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 The Danger Of Lying In Bed Mark Twain Etext Dale Grothmann
00:09:08 en
Play 02 Europe in the Middle of the 17th Century, Part 1 Martin Philippson Etext Piotr Nater
01:04:03 en
Play 03 Europe in the Middle of the 17th Century, Part 2 Martin Philippson Etext Piotr Nater
01:10:37 en
Play 04 Jesse James' Career in Texas J. W. Buel Etext ChadH94
00:03:53 en
Play 05 John Quincy Adams and The Right of Petition John Quincy Adams Etext Wayne Cooke
00:10:22 en
Play 06 The History of British India, Chapter 1 James Mill Etext Craig Campbell
00:50:17 en
Play 07 How to Listen to Music Aubertine Woodward Moore Etext Lynne T
00:17:25 en
Play 08 Letter from William Blake to Mr. Butts, 16th August, 1803 William Blake Etext Sue Anderson
00:11:29 en
Play 09 The Life of Moses Maimonides Michael Friedländer Etext Daniel Davison
00:42:39 en
Play 10 Of The Effects of Opium in Lowness of Spirits George Young Etext Craig Campbell
00:07:15 en
Play 11 On the Federal Constitution Benjamin Franklin Etext Dale Grothmann
00:05:26 en
Play 12 The Original Hudson Tunnel Gilbert Haskell Gilbert Etext Chad Sawyer
00:07:08 en
Play 13 The Peruvian Earthquake of 1868 Ephraim George Squier Etext Sue Anderson
00:41:18 en
Play 14 The Pleasures of Friendship Samuel Johnson Etext Colleen McMahon
00:05:40 en
Play 15 Poets Friedrich Nietzsche Etext ChadH94
00:07:19 en
Play 16 Prohibition Robert G. Ingersoll Etext Michele Fry
00:20:15 en
Play 17 Saving Mr. Lincoln United States Central Intelligence Agency Etext Winston Tharp
00:11:17 en
Play 18 The Story of the Alphabet Otto F. Ege Etext Wayne Cooke
00:24:36 en
Play 19 Table of Different Velocities Expressed in Meters Per Second James Jackson Etext Availle
00:10:26 en
Play 20 Water Music Aldous Huxley Etext Daniel Davison
00:07:55 en