Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 035


Eighteen short nonfiction works in the public domain, independently chosen by the readers. Topics include how to swim, Navajo silversmithing, the sun, begonias and ferns, Martin Luther, U.S. Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, Captain Cook's exploration of Botany Bay, General James Wolfe, and Moravian missionaries in Labrador. (summary by Sue Anderson)

Genre(s): Essays & Short Works

Language: English

Group: Short Nonfiction Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Australian Football Rules 1866 Various Etext Glenn O'Brien
00:03:31 en
Play 02 The Battle of the Plains of Abraham Speech James Wolfe Etext Rachel
00:03:31 en
Play 03 The Communist Threat in the Taiwan Area Dwight D. Eisenhower Etext Edmund Bloxam
00:29:56 en
Play 04 Dangers on the Ice Off the Coast of Labrador Anonymous Etext Joel Wodhams
00:15:53 en
Play 05 Exploration of Botany Bay and Surrounding Coast of Australia: an Excerpt from Captain Cook's Journal: First Voyage James Cook Etext chocmuse
00:27:59 en
Play 06 The Fern Lover's Companion A Guide for the Northeastern States and Canada George Henry Tilton Etext Lisa Reichert
00:13:24 en
Play 07 Football and War 1915 Harold McLennan Etext Glenn O'Brien
00:04:08 en
Play 08 The Great Silent Majority Speech, November 3, 1969 Richard Milhouse Nixon Etext Bellona Times
00:34:38 en
Play 09 How to Swim Alfred Rochefort Calhoun Etext Bellona Times
00:32:11 en
Play 10 Is the Sun Becoming Colder or Hotter? William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin Etext Availle
00:24:20 en
Play 11 Lanoe Falconer: A Biographical Sketch Evelyn March Phillipps Etext David Wales
00:44:50 en
Play 12 Navajo Silversmiths Washington Matthews Etext Joel Wodhams
00:27:27 en
Play 13 The Old Librarian’s Almanack Edmund Lester Pearson Etext David Wales
00:47:22 en
Play 14 On an Atlantic Steamship Edward Carpenter Etext Sue Anderson
00:18:20 en
Play 15 The Present Moment, No. IV 1 Diagnosis Soren Kierkegaard Etext Craig Campbell
00:08:28 en
Play 16 The Prologue to the Epistle to the Romans Martin Luther Etext Andrew Coleman
00:56:48 en
Play 17 Tuberous Begonias: Culture and Management by Numerous Practical Growers Various Etext Ann Boulais
00:41:00 en
Play 18 Useful Diversions Emanuel Swedenborg Etext Craig Campbell
00:14:42 en