Short Nonfiction Collection Vol. 029


Twenty short nonfiction works in the public domain, independently chosen by the readers. Topics include architecture, education, philosophy, religion, health, humor, history, and literature. (Summary by Sue Anderson)

Genre(s): Essays & Short Works

Language: English

Group: Short Nonfiction Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Agitation Horace Seaver Etext Craig Campbell
00:03:53 en
Play 02 The Aims of Education - A Plea for Reform Alfred North Whitehead Etext PPerez
00:55:17 en
Play 03 Captain Mission Philip Gosse Etext Arnie Horton
00:16:00 en
Play 04 CIA Campus: the Story of the Original Headquarters Building, The United States Central Intelligence Agency Etext James Christopher
00:08:05 en
Play 05 The College Freshman's Don't Book George Fullerton Evans Etext David Wales
00:36:43 en
Play 06 Concerning Cabs from "About London" James Ewing Ritchie Etext Garth Burton
00:14:25 en
Play 07 A Diagram of Heredity Sir Francis Galton Etext Availle
00:06:37 en
Play 08 Emergency Childbirth U. S. Dept. of Defense and U.S. Dept of Health, Educati Etext TriciaG
00:22:30 en
Play 09 Feeding the Mind Lewis Carroll Etext Rapunzelina
00:10:58 en
Play 10 General Buller's Defence Unknown Etext Ruth Golding
00:09:55 en
Play 11 Life Without Principle Henry David Thoreau Etext David Jenkins
00:55:57 en
Play 12 Lincoln Letters Abraham Lincoln Etext Daniel Sanchez
00:05:49 en
Play 13 Obituary of Edgar A. Poe John Moncure Daniel Etext Jeff Chesnut
00:10:48 en
Play 14 Oscar Wilde Bunco Articles Various Etext Rob Marland
00:10:09 en
Play 15 The Papal Election Frances Alice Forbes Etext DPranitis
00:21:05 en
Play 16 The Pleasures of Ignorance Robert Lynd Etext Tom Merritt
00:12:36 en
Play 17 Resolution honoring the Founder of "Mother's Day, " Miss Anna Jarvis Society of American Florists and Ornamental Horticultur Etext Sue Anderson
00:03:29 en
Play 18 Sixteen Logical Aphorisms David F. Swenson Etext Craig Campbell
00:15:32 en
Play 19 The Story of the Prophet Jonas (translated by William Tyndale) William Tyndale Etext Xenephon
00:08:29 en
Play 20 Weathercocks and Vanes Herbert Warrington Hogg Etext Garth Burton
00:21:23 en