Sermons to the Novices Regular

Thomas à Kempis (1380 - 1471)
Translated by Dom Vincent Scully (1876 - 1917?)

A collection of thirty sermons by Thomas a Kempis, author of the devotional classic 'Imitation of Christ.' Addressed to novices in the religious life, they offer '...lessons of obedience, humility, modesty, patience, love of the cloister, of solitude and silence, zeal for the worship of God, and devotion to the angels and saints, to the holy Mother of God, and above all to the person of Jesus Christ...[T]hey are animated with the same spirit, they vibrate and palpitate with the same life as the other works of the Venerable Author, and especially his masterpiece, the “Imitation.”' (from the Introduction.)

Genre(s): Christianity - Commentary

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Introduction and Prologue Patrick Randall
Play 01 Part I. Sermon I. Of the Concord of Brethren and the Melody of Divine Praise ancientdude
Play 02 Sermon II. Of the Praise of a Good Congregation Brandon Brinkley
Play 03 Sermon III. Of Humbly Hearing the Words and Counsels of Elders ancientdude
Play 04 Sermon IV. Of Holding Good Discourses Together Brandon Brinkley
Play 05 Sermon V. Of Having Patience Amid the Slothful and Perverse ancientdude
Play 06 Sermon VI. Of the Night Watches Against the Assault of Sleepiness Brian Keenan
Play 07 Sermon VII. Of Guarding the Mouth and Diligence in Labour with Obedience to the Superior Bradford Wilson
Play 08 Sermon VIII. Of Shunning Vainglory, and that Praise is to be Rendered to God Alone Brandon Brinkley
Play 09 Sermon IX. Of the Risk of Many Evils from Much Bandying of Words Brian Keenan
Play 10 Part II. Sermon X. Of the Many Trials of the Just for the Kingdom of Heaven ancientdude
Play 11 Sermon XI. Of the Daily Martyrdom and Warfare in the Religious State Brian Keenan
Play 12 Sermon XII. Of the Wisdom of Confessors and the Continence of Religious ancientdude
Play 13 Sermon XIII. Of a Careful Watch Over the Heart, and the Grace of Interior Devotion Brian Keenan
Play 14 Sermon XIV. Of Constancy and Perseverance in the State of Religion ancientdude
Play 15 Sermon XV. Of Careful Watchfulness of the Young Against Many Temptations William
Play 16 Sermon XVI. Of the Strict Judgement of God, Where All Creatures Shall Accuse Us Vinny Lerin
Play 17 Sermon XVII. Of Shunning Vainglory and Pursuing Humble Obedience Brandon Brinkley
Play 18 Sermon XVIII. Of the Spiritual Warfare Against Vices Vinny Lerin
Play 19 Sermon XIX. Of the Divers Wars and Perils of This Life KatLouise
Play 20 Part III. Sermon XX. Of Daily Taking Up the Cross Embraced in Religion
Vinny Lerin
Play 21 Sermon XXI. Of the Veneration and Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary Brian Keenan
Play 22 Sermon XXII. Of the Praise of the Most Sweet Name of Jesus: and of His Most Sweet Mother Mary John
Play 23 Sermon XXIII. Of the Devout Service of the Blessed Virgin and the Remembrance of Her Name John
Play 24 Sermon XXIV. Of the Sorrow and Consolation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cynthia Rodericks
Play 25 Sermon XXV. Of the Excellence of the Merits and Of the Privileges of the Gifts of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cynthia Rodericks
Play 26 Sermon XXVI. On the Feast of St. Agnes, Virgin and Martyr; Of the Three Lovely Garments of Most Blessed Agnes, Virgin Brian Keenan
Play 27 Sermon XXVII. Of the Golden Crown on the Head of Most Holy Agnes, Virgin, Part One Cbteddy
Play 28 Sermon XXVII continued. Of the Golden Crown on the Head of Most Holy Agnes, Virgin, Part Two Cbteddy
Play 29 Sermon XXVIII. On the Dedication of the Church. Of the Five Lamps of the Temple. Brandon Brinkley
Play 30 Sermon XXIX. Of the Ornaments and Virtues of the Ministers in the Temple of God Brian Keenan
Play 31 Sermon XXX. Of the Four Conditions Belonging to the Building and Beauty of the House of God. Vinny Lerin