Sermons on Psalm 119

John Calvin (1509 - 1564)
Translated by Thomas Stocker (fl. 1569 - 1592)

The reading-over of these present sermons will sufficiently declare what commodity and profit they may bring with them: As in very deed the author of them right well showeth throughout all his work, in what sort the Lord God hath heretofore been served and also how ordinarily he is served by him. And therefore, for a full recommendation as well of the author as also of the work itself, I intend through God his assistance to set forth none other thing than the same fruit and profit, which they have already gotten that have read them and that fruit which they may make report of, that shall hereafter read them. For this may very well be thought that nothing in the whole world maketh a man more blessed, than the lively and continual meditation of the holy law and good will of our heavenly father. Now then this is the psalm which is framed, and wholly serveth to this end and purpose daily to exercise ourselves herein, and although that he so oftentimes repeateth these words, law, ordinances, statues, edict, commandments, decrees and other such like: yet are they no vain repetitions but used to this intent and purpose: to let us thoroughly understand how marvelous perverse and froward our nature is causing these so necessary things too easily to melt (like wax against the sun as we say) clean away from us and also to make us to be touched at the quick, that we might feel how fervently we ought to sigh and groan after the law and ordinance of God, how zealously too desire to put the same in execution and also how greatly too be grieved with beholding the most proud and villainous contempt of the ungodly treading the same under their feet. And because there are some who rather desire to have such books as they may easily carry about with them, I have the rather to please all parties been very willing to satisfy them herein, always reserving this good affection, that God might be honored and glorified, by this my small travail and the building up of his church advanced. - Summary by Translator's Preface

Genre(s): Christianity - Other

Language: English

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