Sermons for all the Sundays in the year (Sermons XXVI - XLIII)

St. Alphonsus Liguori (1696 - 1787)
Translated by Nicholas Callan (1799 - 1864)

These are the sermons of St. Alphonsus Liguori, who was an Italian Catholic bishop, and theologian. He is famous for founding the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (the Redemptorists), and for his writings, which are among the most widely read in the Catholic world. His best-known works are The Glories of Mary and The Way of the Cross (still used in parishes for Lenten devotions).

He was canonized in 1839 and proclaimed a Doctor of the Church in 1871.

The preface to these sermons (written by St. Alphonsus):

This work is entitled, ABRIDGED SERMONS FOR ALL THE SUNDAYS IN THE YEAR. They are called Abridged Sermons, because, although each contains abundant matter for a sermon, the sentiments are briefly expressed—not, however, so briefly as to render the sense obscure. Hence the work may be used for spiritual lectures. Diffuseness has been purposely avoided, that the preacher may extend the subject treated in the way which may appear best to him. A preacher will scarce ever deliver, with zeal and warmth, sentiments which he has not made in some manner his own. Hence the matter of each sermon has been condensed into a small compass, that the preacher may extend it according to his pleasure, and thus make it his own.

In each sermon there are many passages from the Scriptures and Holy Fathers, and a variety of reflections—perhaps too many for a single discourse—that the reader may select what will be most pleasing to him. The style is easy and simple, and therefore calculated to render the preaching of the Divine Word conducive to the salvation of souls. (Summary by ancientchristian and from the preface)

Genre(s): Christianity - Other

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Sermon XXVI Fifth Sunday After Easter - On The Conditions Of Prayer ancientchristian
Play 02 Sermon XXVII Sixth Sunday After Pentecost, Or The Sunday Within The Octave Of The Ascension - On Human Respect ancientchristian
Play 03 Sermon XXVIII Pentecost Sunday - On Conformity To The Will Of God ancientchristian
Play 04 Sermon XXIX Trinity Sunday - On The Love Of The Three Divine Persons For Man ancientchristian
Play 05 Sermon XXX First Sunday After Pentecost - On Charity To Our Neighbour ancientchristian
Play 06 Sermon XXXI Second Sunday After Pentecost - On Holy Communion ancientchristian
Play 07 Sermon XXXII Third Sunday After Pentecost - On The Mercy Of God Towards Sinners ancientchristian
Play 08 Sermon XXXIII Fourth Sunday After Pentecost - Death Is Certain And Uncertain ancientchristian
Play 09 Sermon XXXIV Fifth Sunday After Pentecost - On The Sin Of Anger ancientchristian
Play 10 Sermon XXXV Sixth Sunday After Pentecost - On The Vanity Of The World ancientchristian
Play 11 Sermon XXXVI Seventh Sunday After Pentecost - On The Education Of Children ancientchristian
Play 12 Sermon XXXVII Eighth Sunday After Pentecost - On The Particular Judgment ancientchristian
Play 13 Sermon XXXVIII Ninth Sunday After Pentecost - On The Death Of The Sinner ancientchristian
Play 14 Sermon XXXIX Tenth Sunday After Pentecost - On The Efficacy And Necessity Of Prayer ancientchristian
Play 15 Sermon XL Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost - On The Vice Of Speaking Immodestly ancientchristian
Play 16 Sermon XLI Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost - On The Abuse Of Divine Mercy
Play 17 Sermon XLII Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost - On Avoiding Bad Company ancientchristian
Play 18 Sermon XLIII Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost - All Ends, And Soon Ends ancientchristian