Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum

Aemilia Lanyer (1569 - 1645)

Aemilia Lanyer's 1611 poem is far more than a retelling of The Passion. It comprises a spirited defense of Eve (and, by extension, all women), elegant praises for her female patrons, a catalogue of virtuous women of the ancient world, and closes with the first "country house" poem written by a woman in English. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Part 1 - Dedicatory Poems Elizabeth Klett
Play 02 Part 2 - To the Virtuous Reader Elizabeth Klett
Play 03 Part 3 - The Passion of the Christ Elizabeth Klett
Play 04 Part 4 - Eve's Apologie Elizabeth Klett
Play 05 Part 5 - To my Lady of Cumberland Elizabeth Klett
Play 06 Part 6 - The Description of Cooke-ham Elizabeth Klett