Round About a Great Estate

Richard JEFFERIES (1848 - 1887)

John Richard Jefferies (1848-1887) wrote of country life, natural history, and agricultural practice at a time when the industrial revolution was bringing great change to long-settled patterns of English life. In this book, a work of fiction, he aims to tell us something of "the former state of things before it passes away entirely.” This is a gentle book with a keen eye for the beauty of the countryside, the uncultivated bonuses of plants and flowers; the antics of the birds and wild animals; and the agricultural practices, superstitions, and great generosity of the simple country folk who live on or about the Great Estate of the title. - Summary by Steven Seitel

Genre(s): Historical Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 00 Preface Steven Seitel
Play 01 01 Okebourne Chase. Felling Trees. Steven Seitel
Play 02 02 Cicely. The Brook. Steven Seitel
Play 03 03 A Pack of Stoats. Birds. Steven Seitel
Play 04 04 Hamlet Folk. Steven Seitel
Play 05 05 Wind-Anemones. The Fishpond. Steven Seitel
Play 06 06 A Farmer of the Olden Times. Steven Seitel
Play 07 07 The Cuckoo-Fields. Steven Seitel
Play 08 08 Cicely's Diary. Hilary's Talk. Steven Seitel
Play 09 09 The Water-Mill. Field Names. Steven Seitel
Play 10 10 The Coombe-Bottom. Conclusion. Steven Seitel