Rose O' The River

Kate Douglas Wiggin (1856 - 1923)

Rose Wiley is a pretty country girl. She's engaged to Stephen Waterman, a country boy. She is quite content, until Claude Merril, a man from Boston, tells her that her love is ruining Stephen's life. A cute coming-of-age novel. (Summary by Charlotte Duckett)

Narrator/Mrs. Wiley: Elizabeth Klett
Stephen Waterman/Ike Billings: Charlotte Duckett
Rose Wiley: Libby Gohn
Mr. Wiley: MaryAnn
Under-Boss/Jed Towle/Long Abe/Bystanders/River Driver: John Trevithick
Ivory Dunn: Beth Thomas
Alcestis Crambry: David Lawrence
Mrs. Crambry/Mrs. Brooks/Teacher: Caprisha Page
Claude Merrill/Lije Dennett: Amanda Friday
Miss Dix: Kathryn Tipton
Mite Shapley: Grace Garrett
Rufus: rookieblue

Audio edited by: Charlotte Duckett, Elizabeth Klett, Piotr Nater, Eden Rea-Hedrick, and Beth Thomas

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, General Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Pine and the Rose Group 00:13:25
Play 02 Old Kennebec Group 00:14:09
Play 03 The Edgewood Drive Group 00:11:00
Play 04 Blasphemious Swearing Group 00:09:32
Play 05 The Game of Jackstraws Group 00:15:59
Play 06 Hearts and Other Hearts Group 00:12:18
Play 07 The Little House Group 00:10:29
Play 08 The Garden of Eden Group 00:08:24
Play 09 The Serpent Group 00:11:02
Play 10 The Turquoise Ring Group 00:09:27
Play 11 Rose Sees the World Group 00:08:32
Play 12 Gold and Pinchbeck Group 00:08:59
Play 13 A Country Chevalier Group 00:14:15
Play 14 Housebreaking Group 00:07:09
Play 15 The Dream Room Group 00:10:00