Rollo's Wild Oat

Clare Kummer (1886 - 1958)

Rollo Webster, slightly eccentric, has a consuming ambition to play Hamlet. Escaping the restraining influences of his family, he spends his own money in engaging a company, hiring a theater and staging a production of the tragedy. His Ophelia is Goldie MacDuff, who would have been a success in a midnight frolic if she could only keep awake after twelve o’clock. It seems he has everything to finally bring his lifelong ambitions to fruition: a troupe of actors, a gamesome leading lady, a somewhat unscrupulous stage manager, and buckets upon buckets of cash. Now if only he had any talent… - Summary by The Best Plays of 1920-21, with additional material from ChuckW

Cast List
Hewston: Zames Curran
Lydia: TriciaG
Rollo Webster: Chuck Williamson
Mr. Stein: Son of the Exiles
Goldie MacDuff: Devorah Allen
George Lucas: Tomas Peter
Mrs. Park-Gales: Beth Thomas
Whortley Camperdown: DrPGould
Thomas Skitterling: alanmapstone
Aunt Lane: TJ Burns
Horatio Webster: Larry Wilson
Bella: Leanne Yau
Stage Directions: ToddHW
Editor: Chuck Williamson

Genre(s): Comedy

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - Act I, Scene 1 Group 00:47:39
Play 02 02 - Act I, Scene 2 Group 00:40:45
Play 03 03 - Act II Group 00:31:55
Play 04 04 - Act III, Scene 1 Group 00:33:47
Play 05 05 - Act III, Scene 2 Group 00:42:33