Revelations of a Spirit Medium

A. Medium

Written anonymously by "a working 'medium' for the past twenty years", this little book was an inspiration for a young Harry Houdini, and also rather hard to find until a facsimile edition was published in 1922, due to all the copies being bought and destroyed by spiritualists. According to the preface, "the most wonderful of the 'medium's' phenomena will be so thoroughly explained and so completely dissected that, after reading this book, you can perform the feats yourself". - Summary by Jordan

Genre(s): Psychology, Religion

Language: English

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Play 01 Preface Jordan Watts
Play 02 Spiritual Mysteries Exposed (part 1) Jordan Watts
Play 03 Spiritual Mysteries Exposed (part 2) Jordan Watts
Play 04 Spiritual Mysteries Exposed (part 3) Jordan Watts
Play 05 Spiritual Mysteries Exposed (part 4) Jordan Watts
Play 06 Spiritual Mysteries Exposed (part 5) Jordan Watts
Play 07 Spiritual Mysteries Exposed (part 6) Jordan Watts