Recollections of Johannes Brahms

Albert Hermann Dietrich (1829 - 1908) and Joseph Victor Widmann (1842 - 1911)
Translated by Dora E. Hecht

Albert Dietrich, the German composer and conductor, was a friend of Johannes Brahms and the first part of this book includes vivid recollections of his relationship with the composer as well as charming letters between them. J.V. Widmann, a Swiss writer and editor, first met Brahms when the composer was 33 and he provides an intimate portrait of Brahms in the latter part of his life. They became good friends and traveled often to Italy together and were in contact until the end of the composer's life. - Summary by mkirkpat

Genre(s): Biography & Autobiography, Music

Language: English

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Play 03 Albert Dietrich's Recollections. Chapter II Labor Omnia Vincit mkirkpat
Play 04 Albert Dietrich's Recollections. Chapter III Vienna and Fame mkirkpat
Play 05 J.V. Widmann's Recollections. Chapter I First Impressions mkirkpat
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