Recollections of a Missionary in the Great West

Cyrus Townsend Brady (1861 - 1920)

Brady was a journalist, historian, adventure writer, and Episcopal priest. As a priest he spent some time on the American frontier as a missionary. “…the experiences are personal and actually occurred as they are set down, to the best of my recollection…. Only one story was ‘made up’ for the occasion, and that combines several actual incidents. I hope that this book may serve to interest those who read it in the life of the average missionary on the Western frontier – a life of mingled work and pleasure, joy and pathos, hardship and fun.” The book revels in the joys of everyday life, an example of the Episcopal spirituality of seeing the world as a gift from God, to be encountered and gloried in with excitement and appreciation. One recent reader was so enthralled with the book that she read it all in one sitting, not particularly for the religion but for the picture of the people and life of the frontier. Notes: The Daughters Of The King (chapter 3) is an order of laywomen in the Episcopal Church who, remaining in their ordinary lives, commit to a discipline of prayer and service. ( Book preface and david wales)

Genre(s): Biography & Autobiography, Christianity - Biographies

Language: English

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