Recalled to Life

Grant ALLEN (1848 - 1899)

A woman is haunted by a terrible event she witnessed in her youth but is unable to make sense of -- a murder, the sight of which is so traumatic that it drives every memory of life up to that moment from her mind. The murdered man was her father, she learns later, She can recall the murder scene, the sight of her father dying in his library, and one other thing. She saw the murderer. But when she calls that scene to mind, the murderer's face is blank. Gradually, over a period of years, memories begin to return in fits and starts. But are the memories credible, and will they aid her in her quest to put a face to her father's murderer? (Summary by Jacquerie)

Genre(s): Crime & Mystery Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter I, Una Callingham's First Recollection; Chapter II, Beginning Life Again Jacquerie
Play 02 Chapter III, An Unexpected Visitor Jacquerie
Play 03 Chapter IV, The Story of the Photographs Jacquerie
Play 04 Chapter V, I Become a Woman Jacquerie
Play 05 Chapter VI, Reliving My Life Jacquerie
Play 06 Chapter VII, The Grange at Woodbury Jacquerie
Play 07 Chapter VIII, A Vision of Dead Years; Chapter IX, Hateful Suspicions Jacquerie
Play 08 Chapter X, Yet Another Photograph; Chapter XI, The Vision Recurs Jacquerie
Play 09 Chapter XII, The Moores of Torquay; Chapter XIII, Dr. Ivor of Babbicombe Jacquerie
Play 10 Chapter XIV, My Welcome to Canada Jacquerie
Play 11 Chapter XV, A New Acquaintance Jacquerie
Play 12 Chapter XVI, My Plans Alter; Chapter XVII, A Strange Recognition Jacquerie
Play 13 Chapter XVIII, Murder Will Out; Chapter XIX, The Real Murderer Jacquerie
Play 14 Chapter XX, The Stranger from the Sea Jacquerie
Play 15 Chapter XXI, The Plot Unravels Itself; Chapter XXII, My Memory Returns Jacquerie
Play 16 Chapter XXIII, The Fatal Shot; Chapter XXIV, All's Well That Ends Well Jacquerie