Prehistoric Men

Robert J. Braidwood (1907 - 2003)

This little book, first published in 1948, is part of the Chicago Natural History Popular History series that explains difficult subjects in ways and terms we all can understand. It was published at a time in Anthropology when exciting things like carbon dating were first being used and refined. "Prehistory means the time before written history began. Actually, more than 99 per cent of man’s story is prehistory. Man is at least half a million years old, but he did not begin to write history (or to write anything) until about 5,000 years ago. The men who lived in prehistoric times left us no history books, but they did unintentionally leave a record of their presence and their way of life. This record is studied and interpreted by different kinds of scientists." - Summary by the author and phil chenevert

Genre(s): *Non-fiction, Earth Sciences

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 How We Learn about Prehistoric Men SK
Play 02 The Changing World in Which Prehistoric Men Lived SK
Play 03 Prehistoric Men Themselves SK
Play 04 Cultural Beginnings Deon Gines
Play 05 More Evidence of Culture SK
Play 06 Early Moderns SK
Play 07 End and Prelude Deon Gines
Play 08 The First Revolution SK
Play 09 The Conquest of Civilization Deon Gines
Play 10 End of Prehistory SK
Play 11 Summary SK