A Popular History of Ireland, Book 05

Thomas D'Arcy MCGEE (1825 - 1868)

Thomas D'Arcy McGee was an Irish refugee and a father of the Canadian confederation. His work on Irish history is comprehensive, encompassing twelve books; Book 5 begins with the rise of the “Red Earl” and addresses the relations between Scotland and Ireland during the time of Robert the Bruce and his immediate successors.. (Summary by Sibella Denton)

Genre(s): Middle Ages/Middle History

Language: English

Group: Popular History of Ireland - books 1-12

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - The Rise of the Red Earl; Relations of Ireland and Scotland Sibella Denton
Play 02 02 - The Northern Irish Enter into Alliance with King Robert Sibella Denton
Play 03 03 - Bruce's Second Campaign, and Coronation at Dundalk; The Rising in Connaught; Battle of Athenry; Robert Bruce in Ireland Sibella Denton
Play 04 04 - Battle of Faughard and Death of King Edward Bruce; Consequences of His Invasion; Extinction of the Earldom of Ulster; Irish Opinion of Edward Bruce Sibella Denton