Poems for my Children

Ann HAWKSHAW (1812 - 1885)

Published in 1847, five years after her epic poem, 'Dionysus the Areopagite', 'Poems For My Children' was Ann Hawkshaw's second collection of poetry. The poems are dedicated to her six children and many are written in an intimate conversational style. 'Ada', the final poem in the collection, is a memorial for her second child, who had died of hydrocephalus shortly before her fifth birthday. Five historical poems, set in the times of the Druids, the Romans the Saxons, the Normans and the Crusades, punctuate the collection and anticipate her later collection, 'Sonnets on Anglo-Saxon History'. (Phil Benson)

Genre(s): Poetry, Single author

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Part 1. Spring is coming; Mary's wish; The festival of the last of October - Scene in the time of the Druids; Common things Phil Benson
Play 02 Part 2. The little wanderers; The wind Phil Benson
Play 03 Part 3. Scene in the time of the Romans; The city child's complaint; The first spring flowers; To Editha; Editha; The oak tree; I do not love the night; Thinking and dreaming Phil Benson
Play 04 Part 4. King Alfred and his mother - A scene in the time of the Saxons; The angel friend; The stream; The poor fly - For my little Harry; The land of my dreams; The history of a coral islet; The hermit, the chieftain and the child - A tale about happiness; God is love Phil Benson
Play 05 Part 5. The monk of Chester - A scene in the time of the Normans; A talk in Furness Abbey - To J. C. H.; A little girl's wish Phil Benson
Play 06 Part 6. Sir Oswald's return - A scene in the time of the Crusades; Ada Phil Benson