Ottawa Folk Festival Robert Service Collection (from The Spell of the Yukon)

Robert W. Service (1874 - 1958)

On August 13-15, 2010, A hearty band of Librivox volunteers, led by Bob Ledrew and Sean McGaughey, recorded selections from the Spell of the Yukon by Robert Service with patrons, musicians and organizers of the Ottawa Folk Festival. We chose Robert Service because he is an iconic Canadian poet. It was our intention to record the whole volume, but the festival was disrupted by torrential rains on its final day. Sean McGaughey also prepared a behind the scenes podcast of this project at (Summary by Sean McGaughey)

Genre(s): Poetry, Single author

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Land God Forgot 00:01:04
Play 02 The Spell of the Yukon 00:03:37
Play 03 The Three Voices 00:01:21
Play 04 The Call of the Wild 00:02:31
Play 05 The Pines 00:02:39
Play 06 Grin 00:02:01
Play 07 The Shooting of Dan McGrew 00:05:23
Play 08 The Cremation of Sam McGee 00:05:37
Play 09 My Madonna 00:01:11
Play 10 Unforgotten 00:00:51
Play 11 The Reckoning 00:01:20
Play 12 Quatrains 00:01:49
Play 13 The Men That Don't Fit In 00:01:48
Play 14 Music in the Bush 00:02:41
Play 15 The Low-Down White 00:04:26
Play 16 The Woman and the Angel 00:02:00
Play 17 New Year's Eve Sean McGaughey
Play 18 Comfort 00:01:03
Play 19 The Harpy 00:02:27
Play 20 The Tramps 00:01:32
Play 21 L'Envoi 00:01:56