One-Act Play Collection 010


Tenth volume of one-act plays in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members.

Mosada Narrator: Availle
Mosada: Sonia
Ebremar: Tomas Peter
Cola: Charlotte Duckett
First Inquisitor: Anusha Iyer
Second Inquisitor: Michele Eaton
First Monk: KHand
Second Monk: Chuck Williamson
The Belles of Canterbury Narrator: Kalynda
Sophomore: DrPGould
Junior: TJ Burns
Senior:Leanne Yau
Wife of Bath: Sonia
Prioress: KHand
First Nun: Michele Eaton
Second Nun: Tomas Peter
Emily: Eva Davis
Hippolyta: Availle
Griselda: PattyS
The People Narrator: Zames Curran
Edward Wills: ToddHW
Oscar Tripp: Chuck Williamson
The Artist: Availle
Sara: Sonia
Tom Howe: RecordingPerson
The Boy from Georgia: DrPGould
The Woman from Idaho: Michele Eaton
The Earnest Approach: Larry Wilson
The Anarchist: Tomas Peter
The Light Touch: SaraHale
The Philosopher: alanmapstone
The Man from the Cape: David Olson
Close the Book Narrator: Zames Curran
Peyton Root: Chuck Williamson
Jhansi: Kymberli Welch
Mrs Root: Michele Eaton
Mrs Peyton: Garrett Goodison
Uncle George: ToddHW
Bessie Root: Sonia
State Senator Byrd: Nemo
Mrs State Senator Byrd: Eva Davis
Cathleen ni Houlihan Narrator: Zames Curran
Peter Gillane: RecordingPerson
Michael Gillane: Garrett Goodison
Patrick Gillane: Tomas Peter
Bridget Gillane: Dafni Ma
Delia Cahel: SaraHale
The Poor Old Woman: TJ Burns
The Proving of Abraham Narrator: Zames Curran
Prologue and Epilogue: Michele Eaton
Abraham: Larry Wilson
Isaac: Beth Thomas
Messenger: David Purdy
Household Gods Narrator: Chuck Williamson
Crassus: Tomas Peter
Adela: Michele Eaton
Alicia: Sonia
A Statue of Pan: Zames Curran
A Faun: Eva Davis
Box and Cox Narrator: Devorah Allen
Mr Box: DrPGould
Mr Cox: Jason in Panama
Mrs Bouncer: Beth Thomas
What Christmas Did for Jerusha Grumble Narrator: David Olson
Isabel: SaraHale
Hazel: Devorah Allen
Julia: Tabea
Jessie: Michele Eaton
Jerusha: MaryAnn
The Fourth Act Narrator: April Walters
Sir Phillip A Courcy: Tomas Peter
Mr Robert Valpas: alanmapstone
Miss Daphne Alloa: Devorah Allen
Voice from the Corner: DrPGould

Genre(s): Plays

Language: English

Group: One-Act Play Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Mosada William Butler Yeats Etext Group 00:21:21
Play 02 The Belles of Canterbury Anna Bird Stewart Etext Group 00:27:56
Play 03 The People Susan Glaspell Etext Group 00:29:52
Play 04 Close the Book Susan Glaspell Etext Group 00:35:22
Play 05 Cathleen ni Houlihan by WB Yeats and Lady Gregory Etext Group 00:22:10
Play 06 The Proving of Abraham by Rita Benton Rita Benton Etext Group 00:07:14
Play 07 Household Gods by Aleister Crowley Aleister Crowley Etext Group 00:33:39
Play 08 Box and Cox by John Maddison Morton Etext Group 00:45:09
Play 09 What Christmas Did for Jerusha Grumble(A Play for Five Girls) by John D Macdonald Etext Group 00:21:22
Play 10 The Fourth Act by Basil MacDonald Hastings Etext Group 00:24:00