On The Seashore

R. Cadwallader SMITH ( - )

This gifted nature writer who is so good at describing animals and their habitat and habits here gives us a look at many of the fascinating creatures that can be found on the seashore. Starfish, the many types of crabs, shrimp, sea weed and finally something called the Precious Wentletrap which I will allow your imagination to think about for a while. His writing is clear and, as always, easy to read. Note that these are presented as educational 'lessons' on the various animals found near the sea and each lesson or chapter ends with a few questions called 'Exercises' which the student is asked to see if the main points of the chapter are retained. These questions have been include in the audiobook at the end of each chapter (Summary by Phil Chenevert)

Genre(s): Animals

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - FIVE-FINGERED JACK amaskill
Play 02 02 - A STROLL BY THE SEA klbonds
Play 03 03 - BIRDS OF THE SHORE Richard Kilmer
Play 04 04 - CRABS Ann Boulais
Play 05 05 - SHRIMPS, PRAWNS AND BARNACLES Richard Kilmer
Play 06 06 - PLANTS OF THE SHORE amaskill
Play 07 07 - FLOWER-LIKE ANIMALS Chessie Joy
Play 08 08 - SEA-WEEDS AND SEA-GRASS David Lawrence
Play 09 09 - THE JELLY-FISH amaskill
Play 10 10 - SHELLS AND THEIR BUILDERS, part 1 Pamela Krantz
Play 11 11 - SHELLS AND THEIR BUILDERS, part 2 Pamela Krantz