On Famine Fever and Some of the Other Cognate Forms of Typhus

Rudolf Virchow (1821 - 1902)

Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902), professor of medicine and pathology at the Charité Hospital in Berlin, published more than 2000 papers and dozens of books. His investigation of the 1847-1848 typhus epidemic in Upper Silesia laid the foundations of public health in Germany. During the Revolution of 1848, Virchow helped found a journal promoting medicine as a social science. For physicians, his contributions to the understanding of the pathophysiology of disease and to the working vocabulary of medicine were fundamental, but Virchow also believed that social injustice and political oppression lay at the heart of many illnesses and that "the physician is the natural attorney of the poor." (Summary by Pamela Nagami, M.D.)

Genre(s): Medical, Modern (19th C)

Language: English

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