Oedipus Rex (Storr Translation)

Sophocles (497 BCE - 406 BCE)
Translated by Francis Storr (1839 - 1919)

Oedipus the King (often known by the Latin title Oedipus Rex) is an Athenian tragedy by Sophocles that was first performed c. 429 BC. It was the second of Sophocles's three Theban plays to be produced, but it comes first in the internal chronology, followed by Oedipus at Colonus and then Antigone. Over the centuries, it has come to be regarded by many as the Greek tragedy par excellence. (Summary by Wikipedia)

Oedipus: Andy Minter
Priest of Zeus: Hannah Dowell
Creon: Fr. Richard Zeile
Teiresias: BrianaTheBard
Jocasta: Leni
Messenger: Carolyn Francis
Second Messenger: pipsoul
Herd of Laius: hefyd
Chorus: Musicalheart1
Narrator: Elizabeth Klett

Audio edited by: Elizabeth Klett

Genre(s): Classics (Greek & Latin Antiquity), Plays, Poetry

Language: English

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