O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921


In 1918 the Society of Arts and Sciences established the O. Henry Memorial Awards to reward the very best short stories published during the previous year with cash prizes. 1921 was a particularly productive year with sterling and brilliantly varied examples of the art of short story writing as are included here. The selection committee struggled to agree on these, but finally, here they are for us to enjoy and record. The length varies but most are sufficiently long for a reader to get their teeth into and enjoy. The stories are listed in a rough order of how they were judged, but all are excellent. Note that one story, 'Martin Gerrity Gets Even' actually had two authors, Courtney Ryley Cooper, and Leo F. Creagan but only one is able to be credited - Summary by Phil Chenevert

Genre(s): Short Stories

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 The Heart of Little Shikara Edison Tesla Marshall Etext Mike Pelton
Play 02 The Man who Cursed the Lilies Charles Tenney Jackson Etext Jacquerie
Play 03 The Urge Maryland Allen Etext Jacquerie
Play 04 Mummery Thomas Beer Etext David Hinson
Play 05 The Victim of His Vision Gerald Chittenden Etext meridiculous
Play 06 Martin Gerrity Gets Even Courtney Ryley Cooper Etext Fred Sandal
Play 07 Stranger Things Mildred Cram Etext Jothi Tharavant
Play 08 Comet Samuel A. Derieux Etext Jothi Tharavant
Play 09 Fifty-two Weeks for Florette Elizabeth Alexander Heermann Etext Wendy Almeida
Play 10 Wild Earth, part 1 Sophie Kerr Etext Mike Pelton
Play 11 Wild Earth, part 2 Sophie Kerr Etext Mike Pelton
Play 12 The Tribute Harry Anable Kniffin Etext Garth Burton
Play 13 The Get-away Orlando Faulkland Lewis Etext Graham McMillan
00:17:41 en
Play 14 'Aurore' Ethel Watts Mumford Etext Michele Fry
Play 15 Mr. Downey Sits Down L. H. Robbins Etext Jacquerie
Play 16 The Marriage in Kairwan Wilbur Daniel Steele Etext Graham McMillan
Play 17 Grit Tristram Tupper Etext Mike Pelton