No Man's Land

Sapper (1888 - 1937)

This book was written by a British Army officer and decorated Western Front veteran. Soldiers could not publish books using their real names, so newspaper magnate Lord Northcliffe christened McNeile, Sapper, to reflect his Royal Engineers background, under which pseudonym the book was published. McNeile also wrote the Bulldog Drummond spy/wartime adventures.

No Man's Land is made up of five parts: The Way To The Land is a preface to the rest of the book in which fictional character Clive Draycott travels in Europe prior to the outbreak of the war. Part II The Land consists of 8 stories detailing the day to day lives of soldiers in the trenches. Part III Seed Time is about a salesman turned soldier, and Part IV Harvest in which Sapper puts forward the theory that war is awful, and many suffer but those who survive it can be changed for the better. Themes of class, gender, history abound. - Summary by afinevoice with grateful thanks to M Porcius

Genre(s): War & Military Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
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Play 02 Part I. The Way To The Land - Sections i - xii afinevoice
Play 03 Part II. The Land - Section i. A Day Of Peace afinevoice
Play 04 Part II. The Land - Section ii. Over The Top afinevoice
Play 05 Part II. The Land - Section iii. The Man-Trap afinevoice
Play 06 Part II. The Land - Section iv. A Point Of Detail afinevoice
Play 07 Part II. The Land - Section v. My Lady Of The Jasmine afinevoice
Play 08 Part II. The Land - Section vi. Morphia afinevoice
Play 09 Part II. The Land - vii. Bendigo Jones - His Tree afinevoice
Play 10 Part II. The Land - viii. The Song Of The Bayonet afinevoice
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Play 14 Part III. Seed Time - iv. Somewhat More Personal afinevoice
Play 15 Part III. Seed Time - v. A Project And Some Side-Issues afinevoice
Play 16 Part III. Seed Time - vi. The Second Lesson, And Some Further Side Issues afinevoice
Play 17 Part III. Seed Time - vii. The Third Lesson And A Digression afinevoice
Play 18 Part III. Seed Time - viii. The Third Lesson Is Learned afinevoice
Play 19 Part III. Seed Time - ix "And Other Fell On Good Ground" afinevoice
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