Nicholas: A Manhattan Christmas Story (Dramatic Reading)

Anne Carroll Moore (1871 - 1961)

This fanciful children's story was one of the 1925 Newbery Honor books (published in 1924). Moore's novel blends an interesting tour of an early-twentieth-century New York City with U.S. history and magical dream-like scenarios that children will love. - Summary by Lynette Caulkins

Cast List
Narrator: LCaulkins
Nicholas: Waffle
Ann Caraway: Jenn Broda
John Moon: Aaron Sproule
Brownie: Little Peanut
Troll and Merry Man 3: Scott Caulkins
Lucky and Elephant 2: Cheryl Hedrick
Madison Square Fairy and Fiora Vero: Meredith
Trinity Bishop, Baron Munchhausen, Elephant 1, Mr. Vero, and Traffic Policeman: Jim Hedrick
Joe Star: David Purdy
St. Nicholas, Beef Eater 1, Telescope Man, and Tower Guard: Larry Wilson
Washington Irving, Peter Stuyvesant, Postman, and Daniel Lyons: Greg Giordano
1st Library Lion: Kevin S
2nd Library Lion, Knickerbocker Rooster, and Miss Vero: llamaart
Colonel Flanagan and Mysterious Taxi Driver: Andrew Gaunce
Aladdin and Lt. Renato: redrun
Hasan of Bassorah, Merry Man 1, and Jovial Huntsman 3: Nicole Wright
Boy Wizard and Principal: Todd
Puss-in-Boots, Jimmy, and Children's Choir: Anna Kate Dollar
Sindbad and Toy Soldier: Larry
Hindbad: Paul W
Mrs. Mary Mapes Dodge: Ciufi
Captain Kidd: Joe Bergin
The Duchess: TR Love
Young Washington Irving, Cook, Big Bear, Julian, and Children's Choir: Elijah Fisher
Robin Hood, Boy 2, and Children's Choir: Elsie Selwyn
Merry Man 2, Ben's Mother, and Mrs. Vero: Tricia G
Beef Eater 2: Stunning
Jovial Huntsman 1: Scotty Smith
Jovial Huntsman 2 and Children's Choir: Agnes Robert Behr
Walter the Doubter and Wolf: Michael Broomhill
Hans Reinier Oothout, Jules Turnour, and Hansom Driver: Wayne Cooke
Rip Van Winkle and Uncle 'Rastus: Phil Schempf
Charles Dickens and Heckscher Rooster: Ted Perkins
Little Bear and Sea Lion: Maren
Eagle: Carol Sutton
Gretchen: Susan K
Suzette: Bethany Baldwin
Conductor: Krista Zaleski
Porter: Crystal Chiang
Ben Star, French Doll, Gemma Romano, and Children's Choir: Medora Kay
Boy 1: Jonny117
Miss Harriet Friend: Joanna Michal Hoyt
Festival Dancer: Amy Sharpe
Queen of Hearts: Diane
Harlequin: Jon B
Captain LeClair: Priamedes
Molly Gardner: Marie Christian

French Steward: Sonia

Additional Children's Choir: Lianne Joie, Victoria Bell, and Norah Nelson

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales, Historical

Language: English

Group: Newbery Medal and Honor Books

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Cast of Readers Group 00:06:30
Play 01 Chapter I - Nicholas Appears Group 00:06:32
Play 02 Chapter II - At Lucky's Group 00:11:51
Play 03 Chapter III - Down Fifth Avenue Group 00:13:22
Play 04 Chapter IV - At Old Trinity Group 00:06:48
Play 05 Chapter V - Bowling Green and the Battery Group 00:13:32
Play 06 Chapter VI - To Washington Square Group 00:05:52
Play 07 Chapter VII - Christmas Eve in Chelsea Group 00:19:40
Play 08 Chapter VIII - St. Nicholas Comes Group 00:08:15
Play 09 Chapter IX - Brownie's Big Party Group 00:50:01
Play 10 Chapter X - A Christmas Sail to Richmond Group 00:19:02
Play 11 Chapter XI - Nicholas at Bronx Park Group 00:11:39
Play 12 Chapter Chapter XII - The Hippodrome Group 00:09:51
Play 13 Chapter Chapter XIII - New Year's in Maine Group 00:31:19
Play 14 Chapter XIV - A Twelfth Night Surprise Group 00:15:23
Play 15 Chapter XV - Heroes and Valentines Group 00:35:47
Play 16 Chapter XVI - Celebrating Washington's Birthday, Part 1 Group 00:36:16
Play 17 Chapter XVI - Celebrating Washington's Birthday, Part 2 Group 00:39:07
Play 18 Chapter XVII - The Circus Comes Group 00:21:04
Play 19 Chapter XVIII - Nicholas Sails Group 00:09:29