Natural Science and Religion

Asa GRAY (1810 - 1888)

Asa Gray was a highly-regarded botanist at Harvard University and a friend and collaborator of Charles Darwin. As a Christian, Gray was concerned with the disconnect developing through the nineteenth century between the growing understanding of the natural world and the traditional worldview assumed by orthodox Christianity. This book presents two lectures he gave to theology students at Yale College in which he argues that a disconnect is not inevitable, but that a Christian perspective can and should incorporate current understanding of the world provided by natural science. - Summary by BarryGanong

Genre(s): Christianity - Other, Life Sciences

Language: English

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Play 01 Scientific Beliefs, Part 1 Barry Ganong
Play 02 Scientific Beliefs, Part 2 Barry Ganong
Play 03 The Relations of Scientific to Religious Belief, Part 1 Barry Ganong
Play 04 The Relations of Scientific to Religious Belief, Part 2 Barry Ganong