Narrative of the operations and recent discoveries within the pyramids, temples, tombs, and excavations, in Egypt and Nubia

Giovanni Battista BELZONI (1778 - 1823)

Giovanni Battista Belzoni (1778 – 1823) was an Italian explorer and pioneer archaeologist of Egyptian antiquities. He is known for his removal to England of the seven ton bust of Ramesses II, the clearing of sand from the entrance of the great temple at Abu Simbel, the discovery and documentation of the tomb of Seti I, and the first to penetrate into the second pyramid of Giza. This 1820 narrative of his travels and discoveries is fascinating. Full title: Narrative of the operations and recent discoveries within the pyramids, temples, tombs, and excavations, in Egypt and Nubia; and of a journey to the coast of the Red Sea, in search of the ancient Berenice, and of another to the oasis of Jupiter Ammon - Summary by David Wales

Genre(s): Art, Design & Architecture, Memoirs, Modern (19th C)

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface David Wales
Play 01 First Journey 1 Alexandria. Plague. Cairo. Pyramids. Wounded. Rebellion. Marriage Ceremonies. David Wales
Play 02 First Journey 2 Arabian play and farce. Soldiers shooting. Hydraulic machine. Ascending the Nile. Hermopolis, Siout, Dendera. David Wales
Play 03 First Journey 3 Removing Memnon bust. Difficulties. Turkish dinner. Work proceeds. Bust arrives at the Nile. David Wales
Play 04 First Journey 4 Mummy cave. Assouan. First Cataract. Elephantine. Alarmed by the natives. David Wales
Play 05 First Journey 5 Journey continues. Several villages. Description of the natives. Introduces money. David Wales
Play 06 First Journey 6 Second cataract. Land journey. Frighten natives. Ascend against the current and eddies. View of cataract from Rock of Aspis. Greek church. To open the temple at Ysambul. Difficulties with natives. Cacheff drinks wine for first time. David Wales
Play 07 First Journey 7 Great numbers of workers. Attempt at robbery. Return to first cataract. Small obelisk. Column with Latin. Manners of the Arabs. Luxor. Carnak. Count de Forbin. Lion headed statues. David Wales
Play 08 First Journey 8 Carnak. The Bey and court. The tomb of a king. The boat and its trials. Bust of Memnon embarked on boat. Thebes to Cairo to Alexandria. Captain Cabillia’s operations. David Wales
Play 09 Second Journey 1 Cairo to Thebes, Tabeen and Boorumbol. An Arabian dance. Forced march to Thebes. Bedoween horsemen and tents. A missing letter. Cacheff of Erments. Miracles by a Santon. Luxor. Carnak. Thebes David Wales
Play 10 Second Journey 2 Gournou natives and tombs. More on the natives. Two metal vases. Sphinxes and sickle. Discovery of tombs. Herodotus on mummies. Various classes of mummies. Animal mummies. David Wales
Play 11 Second Journey 3 Mummy priests. Mummies and their decoration. Linen, enamelling, gilding, painting, sculpture, architecture. Tomb. Happiness of Gournou natives. A colossal head discovered. Arrival of Defterdar Bey. Barbarous conduct toward the Bey of Gournou. David Wales
Play 12 Second Journey 4 Ascends Nile. Thebes. Bey interview. Two Fathers. Whirlwind. Mirage.Locusts. Island Of Philoe. Ysambul. Second Cataract. Extortion attempt. Return to Ysambul. David Wales
Play 13 Second Journey 5 Opening the temple. Ramadan. Other cacheffs. Entry to temple. Description. Departure. Assouan. Luxor. Erments. David Wales
Play 14 Second Journey 6 Valley of Beban el Malook. Tombs. Arrival of travelers. Tomb excavation. Enter the tomb. Description of apartments. Sarcophagus of alabaster. David Wales
Play 15 Second Journey 7 Tomb of Psaummuthis. Painting. Name of the tomb. Isle of Philoe stones. Noble family. Count de Forbin. Pyramind of Cephrenes. David Wales
Play 16 Second Journey 8 Difficulties. Observation on the Pyramids. Foundation of temple discovered. First entrance. More calculations. Discovery of the true entrance. David Wales
Play 17 Second Journey 9 Difficulties in entering. Description of interior. Arabic inscription observed. Accounts of the pyramids. Hieroglyphics. Coatings. Thebes. David Wales
Play 18 Third Journey Visit Defterdar Bey. Capital crimes. Thebes. Eclipse of the sun. Opinion on Memnonium. Wax models of tombs. Motive for travel to Red Sea. David Wales
Play 19 Journey To The Red Sea 1 Great Nile inundation. Across the desert. Hills of granite. Description of the Ababdy tribes. In sight of the Red Sea David Wales
Play 20 Journey To The Red Sea 2 Emerald Mountains. Miners. Journey to Sakiet. The Red Sea. Fishermen. Wady el Gemal. David Wales
Play 21 Journey To The Red Sea 3 Sulphur mines. Ancinet town. Journey to the Nile. Wells. Various locations. David Wales
Play 22 Account Of Taking Of The Obelisk From The Island Of Philoe To Alexandria 1 Thebes. Assouan. Obelisk falls into Nile. Recovery. Launch obelisk down the Nile. Arrival at Assouan then Thebes. David Wales
Play 23 Account Of Taking Of The Obelisk From The Island Of Philoe To Alexandria 2 A stranger. Carnak. Assault by Arabs. Decision to leave for Europe. Delay. Resolution to travel to the Oasis of Ammon David Wales
Play 24 Journey To The Oasis Of Ammon 1 Entry to Faioum. Brick pyramids. Lake. Temple of Haron. Hyena. Denay-Bacchus. Fedmin el Kunois. David Wales
Play 25 Journey To The Oasis Of Ammon 2 Ancinet Arsinoe. Guide for the desert. Bedpween camp. Into the desert. Various places. Introduction to the natives. David Wales
Play 26 Journey To The Oasis Of Ammon 3 Searching for antiquities. Mineral fountain. Tp El Cassar. Entry prevented. Finally entry. Visit ruins and tombs. Fountain mentioned by Herodotus. David Wales
Play 27 Journey To The Oasis Of Ammon 4 Return begun. Various villages. Arrival at Nile. Return to Cairo. Leave Cairo. Infamy of Mr. Drouetti. Return to Europe. David Wales