My Queen: A Weekly Journal for Young Women. Issue 1, Sept 1900

Lurana SHELDON (1862 - 1945)

This is the first issue of a wonderful weekly magazine aimed at young women. They each contain a novella following the adventures of Marion Marlowe, "Only a Farmer's Daughter" who went from "Farm to Fortune" and all written by the prolific :Lurana Sheldon using various pen names, usually Grace Shirley. The story is quite entertaining and well written. The chapters are short and easy to read and suited to those just getting their feet wet in LibriVox. Besides the main novella, each issue contains an Advice Column, where she responds to anguished letters from young ladies with a myriad of personal problems. She does not shy at shooting straight from the hip in her answers whether to moral, ethical, family or just social etiquette questions. An intersting insight into life in the 1900's and what was considered appropriate for girls and women. - Summary by phil chenevert

Genre(s): General

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Daisy Chain CrystalMercy
Play 02 The City Boarder Colleen McMahon
Play 03 Marion Proves her Intuitions Colleen McMahon
Play 04 The Abduction of Dollie Kathleen Moore
Play 05 A Dark Deed Kathleen Moore
Play 06 The Plot of a Villain Kathleen Moore
Play 07 On the Track of the Abductor Maria de Fátima da Silva
Play 08 The First News of Dollie Maria de Fátima da Silva
Play 09 The Picture on the Poster Ellies
Play 10 Marion Finds her Uncle At Last Ellies
Play 11 The Return of Miss Gray\ Colleen McMahon
Play 12 Marion Discovers Dollie Colleen McMahon
Play 13 The Arrest and Rescue Colleen McMahon
Play 14 Questions & Answers by Grace Shirley Phil Chenevert