A Selection of the Most Celebrated Sermons of John Calvin

John Calvin (1509 - 1564)

In offering this selection of Sermons to the publick, the publisher has not been governed by Sectarian principles, but has selected Sermons upon various subjects, that the reader may understand the general doctrine held forth by those eminent divines. When we consider the mental darkness which enveloped the world in the days of Luther and Calvin, under Popish superstition and idolatry, and that theirs were some of the first attempts to emancipate the human intellect from more than "Egyptian darkness," the reader will undoubtedly censure lightly any defects that may appear in their discourses; considering their great object to have been, the removal of that servile yoke of papistry under which nations were groaning, and of bringing mankind into the liberty of the gospel.

Calvin's Sermons were translated and published in England, about the year 1580; since which date we have no account of an edition having been published. Luther's Sermons, after having been translated, were published in the year 1581, and re-published in 1649. In consequence of the imperfection of the English Language when these Sermons were formerly published, it was found necessary to revise them, and correct the language; but in so doing, particular care has been taken to preserve precisely the original meaning. (Advertisement printed in this book)

Genre(s): Christianity - Commentary

Language: English

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