The Mirror of the Sea (Version 2)

Joseph Conrad (1857 - 1924)

"Here speaks the man of masts and sails, to whom the sea is not a navigable element, but an intimate companion. The length of passages, the growing sense of solitude, the close dependence upon the very forces that, friendly to-day, without changing their nature, by the mere putting forth of their might, become dangerous to-morrow, make for that sense of fellowship which modern seamen, good men as they are, cannot hope to know." In this volume of essays, more than in any other single work, we get to see clearly just what Joseph Conrad's years working on sail-powered ships meant to him — and they certainly meant a great deal to him, for all Conrad's subsequent fretting that he might be typed as "only" a writer of the sea. This collection is particularly renowned for the lengthy episode titled "The Tremolino", where Conrad gives us, in the character of the real-world Dominic, the model of his fictional Nostromo, as well as an account of personalities and gun-running activities he would later depict in "The Arrow of Gold". (Summary by Peter Dann)

Genre(s): Essays & Short Works

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Landfalls and Departures Peter Dann
Play 02 Emblems of Hope Peter Dann
Play 03 The Fine Art Peter Dann
Play 04 Cobwebs and Gossamer Peter Dann
Play 05 The Weight of the Burden Peter Dann
Play 06 Overdue and Missing Peter Dann
Play 07 The Grip of the Land Peter Dann
Play 08 The Character of the Foe Peter Dann
Play 09 Rules of East and West Peter Dann
Play 10 The Faithful River Peter Dann
Play 11 In Captivity Peter Dann
Play 12 Inititation Peter Dann
Play 13 The Nursery of the Craft Peter Dann
Play 14 The Tremolino Peter Dann
Play 15 The Heroic Age Peter Dann