Men Like Gods

H. G. Wells (1866 - 1946)

In the summer of 1921, a disenchanted journalist escapes the rat race for a drive in the country. But Mr. Barnstaple's trip exceeds his expectations when he and other motorists are swept 3,000 years into the future. The inadvertent time travelers arrive in a world that corresponds exactly to Barnstaple's ideals: a utopian state, free of crime, poverty, war, disease, and bigotry. Unfettered by the constraints of government and organized religion, the citizens lead rich, meaningful lives, passed in pursuit of their creative fancies. Barnstaple's traveling companions, however, quickly contrive a scheme to remake the utopia in the image of their twentieth-century world. - Summary that was published with the book originally

Genre(s): Fantastic Fiction, Science Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Book 1 Chapter 1 Mr Barnstaple Takes a Holiday powellb
Play 02 Book 1 Chapter 2 The Wonderful Road powellb
Play 03 Book 1 Chapter 3 The Beautiful People powellb
Play 04 Book 1 Chapter 4 The Shadow of Einstein Falls Across the Story and Passes Lightly by It Mark Nelson
Play 05 Book 1 Chapter 5 The Governance and History of Utopia Mark Nelson
Play 06 Book 1 Chapter 6 Some Earthly Criticisms Mark Nelson
Play 07 Book 1 Chapter 7 The Bringing in of Lord Barronga's Party pyfeman43
Play 08 Book 1 Chapter 8 Early Morning in Utopia pyfeman43
Play 09 Book 2 Chapter 1 The Epidemic DanielGarcia
Play 10 Book 2 Chapter 2 The Castle on the Crag KevinS
Play 11 Book 2 Chapter 3 Mr Barnstaple as a Traitor to Mankind KevinS
Play 12 Book 2 Chapter 4 The End of the Quarantine Crag Jddykst
Play 13 Book 3 Chapter 1 The Peaceful Hills Behind the River Jddykst
Play 14 Book 3 Chapter 2 The Loiter in a Living World ChadH94
Play 15 Book 3 Chapter 3 The Service of the Earthling David Brent
Play 16 Book 3 Chapter 4 The Return of the Earthling BourbonReader