Mary Cary, Frequently Martha

Kate Langley Bosher (1865 - 1932)

"My name is Mary Cary. I live in the Yorkburg Female Orphan Asylum. You may think nothing happens in an Orphan Asylum. It does. The orphans are sure enough children, and real much like the kind that have Mothers and Fathers; and that’s why I am going to write this story." So begins Mary’s diary, which she fills with her various doings and misadventures at the Asylum in Virginia and her sharp observations about life and human nature. She loathes Miss Bray, the head of the Asylum, who is not above telling bald-faced lies to the Board to further her own selfish ends. She loves Miss Katherine, the Asylum’s resident nurse, who has befriended Mary and serves as a gentle role model for the child. As for Martha, she is Mary’s "other self" who speaks out—and sometimes acts out—in spite of Mary’s better nature. When she unexpectedly discovers her family background, Mary writes a letter to her uncle that leads to some surprising results on the way to a happy ending.

The Chicago Record-Herald of March 12, 1910 stated, "Let’s be glad for books like Mary Cary. It isn’t so much what Mary Cary does, however, as what she is, bless her! that warms the cockles of the chilliest, most snugly corseted heart." (Summary by Jan MacGillivray)

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Fictional Biographies & Memoirs, General

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - An Unthankful Orphan Jan MacGillivray
Play 02 02 - The Coming of Miss Katherine Jan MacGillivray
Play 03 03 - Mary, Frequently Martha Jan MacGillivray
Play 04 04 - The Stepped-on and the Steppers Jan MacGillivray
Play 05 05 - 'Here Comes the Bride!' Jan MacGillivray
Play 06 06 - 'My Lady of the Lovely Heart' Jan MacGillivray
Play 07 07 - 'Sterilized and Fertilized' Jan MacGillivray
Play 08 08 - Mary Cary's Business Jan MacGillivray
Play 09 09 - Love is Best Jan MacGillivray
Play 10 10 - The Reagan Ball Jan MacGillivray
Play 11 11 - Finding Out Jan MacGillivray
Play 12 12 - A True Miracle Jan MacGillivray
Play 13 13 - His Coming Jan MacGillivray
Play 14 14 - The Hurt of Happiness Jan MacGillivray
Play 15 15 - A Real Wedding Jan MacGillivray