Mark Twain’s Journal Writings, Volume 3

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

This third volume of Mark Twain's journal writings continues on eclectic and varied path established by the first two volumes. Included in this collection are works that appeared by themselves in magazines during Twain's lifetime, as well as essays taken by editors and Twain himself from Twain's larger works, and re-published in collections of his stories. This volume includes the following works: "Buying Gloves in Gibraltar", "The great revolution in Pitcairn", "A Gift from India" [including editor's notes about Twain’s need to go on the lecture circuit, his authorship of Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc and other items], "From India to South Africa", "The Esquimau Maiden's Romance", "At the Appetitecure", "Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale", "Does the Race of Man Love a Lord?" (Introduction by John Greenman)

Genre(s): Humor, Literary Collections

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Mark Twain Buying Gloves in Gibraltar John Greenman
Play 02 Great Revolution in Pitcairn, The John Greenman
Play 03 Gift from India, A John Greenman
Play 04 From India to South Africa John Greenman
Play 05 Esquimau Maiden's Romance, The John Greenman
Play 06 At the Appetite-cure John Greenman
Play 07 Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale John Greenman
Play 08 Does the Race of Man Love a Lord? John Greenman