Man's Rights; or, How Would You Like It?: Comprising Dreams

Annie Denton Cridge (1825 - 1875)

"Man's Rights; or, How Would You Like It?: Comprising Dreams" is the first known feminist utopian novel written by a woman. The text features nine dreams experienced by a first-person female narrator. In the first seven dreams, she visits the planet Mars, finding a society where traditional sex roles and stereotypes are reversed. The narrator witnesses the oppression of the men on Mars and their struggle for equality. In the last two dreams, the narrator visits a future United States ruled by a woman president. (Summary by Jeff Burke)

Genre(s): Culture & Heritage Fiction, Fantastic Fiction, Satire

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Dream Number One Elsie Selwyn
Play 02 Dream Number Two Louise J. Belle
Play 03 Dream Number Three Anita Sloma-Martinez
Play 04 Dream Number Four Jeff Burke
Play 05 Dream Number Five Kathleen Moore
Play 06 Dream Number Six Lucretia B.
Play 07 Dream Number Seven Kathleen Moore
Play 08 Dream Number Eight TriciaG
Play 09 Dream Number Nine Anita Sloma-Martinez