Major Barbara

George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)

George Bernard Shaw's Major Barbara focuses on the family of aristocratic Lady Britomart Undershaft and her estranged husband Andrew, a millionaire armaments manufacturer. Their daughters Sarah and Barbara are both engaged to be married, and Lady Britomart decides to ask Andrew for monetary support. Barbara is a Major in the Salvation Army, and agrees to let her father visit the mission in the East End of London where she works. In exchange, she agrees to visit his munitions factory. The conflict between Barbara's philanthropic idealism and her father's hard-headed capitalism clash when he decides he wants to fund the Salvation Army. Shaw's comedy, as always, delves into political and social issues of the period, and provides a roster of finely- and humorously-drawn characters. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)

Stephen Undershaft: Chuck Williamson
Lady Britomart Undershaft: Amy L. Gramour
Sarah Undershaft: Arielle Lipshaw
Barbara Undershaft/Rummy Mitchens: Elizabeth Klett
Charles Lomax: mb
Adolphus Cusins: Chris Marcellus
Morrison/Bilton: Todd
Andrew Undershaft: Bruce Pirie
Snobby Price: Joshua Tesch
Jenny Hill: Grace Garrett
Peter Shirley: Ken Garrett
Bill Walker: Algy Pug
Mrs. Baines: Margaret Espaillat
Narrator: David Lawrence

Audio edited by Elizabeth Klett

Genre(s): Comedy

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Act 1 Group 00:47:04
Play 02 Act 2 Group 01:13:06
Play 03 Act 3 Elizabeth Klett
Arielle Lipshaw