Ludwig Van Beethoven

Pitts Sanborn (1879 - 1941)

The late Pitts Sanborn wrote this booklet under the title Beethoven and his Nine Symphonies... I have left Mr. Sanborn’s pages on the symphonies virtually intact and have only expanded the work a little by incorporating here and there matter about other major works of Beethoven’s, especially some of the concertos, overtures, piano and vocal works, besides certain of the greater specimens of his chamber music.,,, I have followed it in order to supply a rather fuller picture of the composer’s creative achievements. - Summary by Editor's Note (Herbert F. Peyser)

Genre(s): Music

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Editor's Note David Wales
Play 01 Part 1: Symphony #1, in C Major, Op 21; First Three Piano Concertos; Symphony No. 2, in D Major, Opus 36; Symphony No. 3, in E-Flat Major (Eroica), Opus 55; Symphony No. 4, in B-Flat Major, Opus 60; Sonatas David Wales
Play 02 Part 2: Symphony No. 5, In C-Major, Opus 67; Fidelio And The Leonore Overtures; Symphony No. 7, In A-Major, Opus 92; Overtures; Symphony No. 8, In F Major, Opus 93; Mass In C Major And The Missa Solemnis David Wales
Play 03 Part 3: Symphony No. 9, In D-Minor, With Final Chorus On Schiller’s ‘Ode To Joy,’ Opus 125; Chamber Music; String Quartets David Wales