Lucian's Dialogues Volume 1: The Dialogues of the Gods

Lucian of Samosata (c. 125 - c. 180)
Translated by Howard Williams (1837 - 1931)

The Dialogues of the Gods are 26 miniature dialogues mocking the Homeric conception of the Greek gods written in Attic Greek by Syrian author Lucian of Samosata. Almost 1900 years old, these dialogues still retain a lot of their original humor and wit.

The cast list for dialogues with 3 or more readers is given below:

Dialogue 8:
Zeus: Owen Cook
Hephæstus: KevinS
Stage directions: Foon

Dialogue 9:
Poseidon: ToddHW
Hermes: Owen Cook
Stage directions: Foon

Dialogue 13:
Zeus: ToddHW
Asklepius: Foon
Herakles: KevinS

Dialogue 20:
Zeus: alanmapstone
Hermes: Owen Cook
Hera: Foon
Athena: Sonia
Aphrodite: Sandra Schmit
Paris: Aaron White
Stage directions: ToddHW

Editor: Campbell Schelp
(Summary by Foon)

Genre(s): Classics (Greek & Latin Antiquity), Dramatic Readings, Satire

Language: English

Group: Dialogues of Lucian of Samosata

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface Foon
Play 01 Dialogue I: Prometheus obtains his release from Zeus by a prophecy Owen Cook
Aaron White
Play 02 Dialogue II: Zeus threatens to put Eros in fetters Tomas Peter
Scotty Smith
Play 03 Dialogue III: Zeus orders Hermes to slay Argus, and to conduct Io to Egypt Scotty Smith
Stefan Von Blon
Play 04 Dialogue IV: Zeus instructs Ganymedes as to the nature of his duties in heaven Owen Cook
Scotty Smith
Play 05 Dialogue V: Hera upbraids Zeus with his love for Ganymedes Scotty Smith
Play 06 Dialogue VI: Ixion makes love to Hera Scotty Smith
Play 07 Dialogue VII: Hephæstus recounts to Apollo the actions of the infant prodigy, Hermes Owen Cook
TJ Burns
Play 08 Dialogue VIII: Hephæstus assists at the parturition of Zeus and the birth of Athena Group 00:03:38
Play 09 Dialogue IX: Hermes refuses Poseidon admission to Zeus, and assigns as the reason the lying-in of the king of gods and men with Bacchus Group 00:03:53
Play 10 Dialogue X: Hermes conveys to Helios the order of Zeus Stefan Von Blon
Elsie Selwyn
Play 11 Dialogue XI: Aphrodite charges Selene with her love for Endymion, and, at the same time, laments the tyranny of her son, Eros, over herself Sandra Schmit
Leanne Yau
Play 12 Dialogue XII: Aphrodite upbraids Eros for his mischievous conduct in the past, and cautions him for the future Sandra Schmit
Tomas Peter
Play 13 Dialogue XIII: Asklepius and Herakles quarrel on a question of precedence in heaven Group 00:03:40
Play 14 Dialogue XIV: Apollo recounts to hermes the manner of the death of Hyakinthus, and his grief for the same Stefan Von Blon
Aaron White
Play 15 Dialogue XV: Hermes and Apollo envy the deformed Hephæstus the possession of his beautiful wives Stefan Von Blon
Aaron White
Play 16 Dialogue XVI: Hera and Leto dispute about the merits of their respective children Sonia
Play 17 Dialogue XVII: Hermes narrates to Apollo the adultery of Ares and Aphrodite, and the revenge of Hephæstus Stefan Von Blon
Aaron White
Play 18 Dialogue XVIII: Hera denounces, and Zeus defends, the character of Bacchus Foon
Play 19 Dialogue XIX: Eros explains to his mother why he does not assail Athena, the Musæ, and Artemis Sandra Schmit
Tomas Peter
Play 20 Dialogue XX: The Judgment of Paris Group 00:23:15
Play 21 Dialogue XXI: Ares ridicules the threat of Zeus, and the chain let down from heaven Owen Cook
Play 22 Dialogue XXII: Pan urges his claims to be the son of Hermes, who is unwilling to admit his paternity Stefan Von Blon
Aaron White
Play 23 Dialogue XXIII: Apollo remarks to Bacchus on the heterogeneousness of Aphrodite's children; while Bacchus exposes the character of Priapus ToddHW
TJ Burns
Play 24 Dialogue XXIV: Hermes complains to his mother of the multiplicity of his employments Leanne Yau
Stefan Von Blon
Play 25 Dialogue XXV: Helios, accused by Zeus of rash conduct in giving up his chariot to his son, obtains a conditional pardon Owen Cook
Elsie Selwyn
Play 26 Dialogue XXVI: Apollo asks Hermes to point out to him, of the twin dioscuri which is Kastor and which Polydeukes; and takes the opportunity of criticising their divine pretensions Owen Cook
Aaron White