Lords of the Housetops: Thirteen Cat Tales

Various and Carl Van Vechten (1880 - 1964)

The Lords of the Housetops reveals the cat through the creative lenses of 13 authors. Consequently, this carefully chosen collection of stories is as complex, charismatic and clever as a cat. (Summary by Amy Larch Gramour)

Genre(s): Nature & Animal Fiction, Short Stories

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 00 Preface Carl Van Vechten Etext Amy Gramour
00:08:06 en
Play 01 The Cat Mary E. Wilkins Freeman Etext Bellona Times
00:18:26 en
Play 02 Zut Guy Wetmore Carryl Etext Ruth Golding
00:37:44 en
Play 03 A Psychical Invasion, Part I Algernon Blackwood Etext Amy Gramour
00:34:15 en
Play 04 A Psychical Invasion, Part II Etext Amy Gramour
00:37:34 en
Play 05 A Psychical Invasion, Part III Etext Amy Gramour
00:38:09 en
Play 06 Afflictions of an English Cat Honoré de Balzac Etext jedopi
00:36:12 en
Play 07 Gipsy Booth Tarkington Etext Mimi Wang
00:13:02 en
Play 08 The Blue Dryad G. H. Powell Etext Amy Gramour
00:19:41 en
Play 09 Dick Baker’s Cat Mark Twain Etext Courtney Parker Sandhu
00:07:34 en
Play 10 The Black Cat Edgar Allan Poe Etext Morgan Schlicker
00:24:47 en
Play 11 Madame Jolicoeur’s Cat, Part I Thomas A. Janvier Etext Ruth Golding
00:35:25 en
Play 12 Madame Jolicoeur’s Cat, Part II Etext Ruth Golding
00:41:02 en
Play 13 A Friendly Rat William Henry Hudson Etext Nadine Eckert-Boulet
00:08:35 en
Play 14 Monty’s Friend William Livingston Alden Etext Amy Gramour
00:24:13 en
Play 15 The Queen’s Cat Peggy Bacon Etext Courtney Parker Sandhu
00:08:58 en
Play 16 Calvin Charles Dudley Warner Etext jedopi
00:23:04 en