Long Poems Collection 006


LibriVox’s Long Poems Collection 006: a collection of 17 public-domain poems longer than 5 minutes in length.

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

Group: Long Poems Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Etext Bridget Rafferty
00:05:56 en
Play 02 The Bees of Myddleton Manor May Probyn Etext cricket
00:07:08 en
Play 03 The Face on the Barroom Floor Hugh Antoine d'Arcy Etext cybersus
00:05:10 en
Play 04 Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey William Wordsworth Etext Elizabeth Klett
00:08:59 en
Play 05 Dejection: An Ode Samuel Taylor Coleridge Etext Elizabeth Klett
00:08:20 en
Play 06 The Kitten and Falling Leaves William Wordsworth Etext Carolyn Frances
00:06:13 en
Play 07 The Hound of Heaven Francis Thompson Etext Aringguth
00:10:36 en
Play 08 Wild Grapes Robert Frost Etext Carolyn Frances
00:05:40 en
Play 09 The Singing Man Josephine Preston Peabody Etext Peter Yearsley
00:11:24 en
Play 10 The Mary Gloster Rudyard Kipling Etext Andy Minter (1934-2017)
00:15:41 en
Play 11 The Raven Edgar Allan Poe Etext Julie Kocher
00:12:41 en
Play 12 Ulysses Alfred, Lord Tennyson Etext Mark F. Smith
00:05:18 en
Play 13 The Raven Edgar Allan Poe Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:11:11 en
Play 14 Song of Myself - Section 15 Walt Whitman Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:07:46 en
Play 15 On the Morning of Christ's Nativity John Milton Etext Leon Mire
00:12:57 en
Play 16 The Raven Edgar Allan Poe Etext Greg Sulin
00:07:34 en
Play 17 Portrait of a Lady T. S. Eliot Etext Catharine Eastman
00:08:08 en