London (Ancient And Modern) From The Sanitary And Medical Point Of View

George Vivian Poore (1843 - 1904)

This little book is an expansion of two addresses delivered in January, 1889. One deals with sanitary issues in London. The other deals with medical issues, mainly through the lives and careers of physicians. Though ancients are included, the main emphasis is upon the sixteenth through nineteenth centuries. - Summary by Book Preface and David Wales

Genre(s): Medical, Technology & Engineering

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface David Wales
Play 01 Chapter 1 - London From The Sanitary Point Of View: Situation; Water Supply; Medieval London David Wales
Play 02 Ditto: Gardens And Pleasure Grounds David Wales
Play 03 Ditto: The London 'Death Rate'; Improved Conditions Of Modern London; What Is The Outlook?; Annual Death Rate Per 100,000 Living Children; The Loose Ends Of Our Sanitation David Wales
Play 04 Chapter 2 - London From The Medical Point Of View: Chaucer's Doctor; Earliest London Practitioners; The Severance Of Medicine And Surgery; The Earliest Medical Act David Wales
Play 05 Ditto: The College Of Physicians David Wales
Play 06 Ditto: The Plague David Wales
Play 07 Ditto: Secret Remedies; The Crusade Against Quackery; Medicine In The Days Of Pepys; The Barber Surgeons; The First Anatomy Lectures; The Apothecaries David Wales
Play 08 Ditto: The Royal Society; Gresham College; The Earliest Hospitals; The Royal Hospitals; Early Hospital Practice David Wales
Play 09 Ditto: The Pharmacopoeias; The Rise Of The Medical Schools; Hospitals Built By Public Benevolence; Modern Medical Schools And Examinations; London As A Place Of Study David Wales