Little Saint Elizabeth and Other Stories

Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849 - 1924)

She had not been brought up in America at all. She had been born in France, in a beautiful ch√Ęteau, and she had been born heiress to a great fortune, but, nevertheless, just now she felt as if she was very poor, indeed. And yet her home was in one of the most splendid houses in New York. She had a lovely suite of apartments of her own, though she was only eleven years old. She had had her own carriage and a saddle horse, a train of masters, and governesses, and servants, and was regarded by all the children of the neighborhood as a sort of grand and mysterious little princess, whose incomings and outgoings were to be watched with the greatest interest....

"Little Saint Elizabeth and Other Stories" is a collection of 4 lovely stories by F. H. Burnett. (Summary by Project Gutenberg and Elli)

Genre(s): General

Language: English

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