Little Dramas for Primary Grades

Ada M. Skinner (1878 - ) and Lillian Nixon Lawrence

37 short and very short plays for young children - David O


Linette Geisel: Camel(1), Big Black Dog(2), First Child(4), Camel(5), Grandma(6), Red Fox(11), Child(12), First Pig(13), Mrs. Dove(14), Third Chick(15), Littlest Fir Tree(16), French Doll(17), Mary(19), Camel(20), Sparrow(21), Mrs. Sparrow(22), Sheep(23), Little Tree(24), Columbine(25), Rose(26), Lobster(28), Jellyfish(29), Flowers(33), Sanja(34), Tree(35), Camel(36)
Tomas Peter: Lion(1), Odd Man(2), Lion(5), Fisherman(8), Hans(11), Fifth Pig(13), Mr. Jay(14), First Chick(15), Santa Claus(16), Tin Soldier(17), Old Year(19), Man(20), Thrush(21), Mr. Sparrow(22), Cow(23), Woodcutter(24), Spring(25), Fir Tree(26), Hunter(27), Tom(28), Turtle(29), Gluck(31), Black Bear(33), Third Lord Jizu(34), Brahman(35), Elephant(36)
sashelliott: Jackal(1), Elephant(5), Fourth Pig(13), Second Mouse(17), Tiger(20), Blackbird(21), Second Child(22), Yellow-breast(23), Mountain(26), Tiger(27), First Fish(29), Third Child(33), Road(35)
Twinkle: Elephant(1), Second Child(4), Sheep(5), Second Pib(13), Child(14), Big Fir Tree(16), First Mouse(17), Fern(22), Hen(23), Elm(26), Little Fish(29), Robin(33), Second Lord Jizu(34), Tiger(35)
Beth Thomas: Mother Deer(1), Owl(3), Old Mouse(9), Mother Hen(15), Mrs. Santa Claus(17), Bird(26), Queen Osa(29), Spring(33), Jackal (35), Fox(36)
Leanne Yau: Bunny Rabbit(1), Bird(7), Fox(10), Gretchen(11), Lady Moon(12), Magpie(21), Violet(22), Boastful Bamboo(24), Sparrow(32), Lion(36)
Craig Franklin: True(2), Fourth Mouse(9), Little Calf(30), Little Old Gentleman(31), Ogre(34)
Sonia: Grasshopper(3), Lizard(6), Crow(10), Sixth Pig(13), Lion(17), Pussy(19), Crocus (22), Crow (23), Boy(24), Pantaloon(25), Fox(27), Third Fish(29), Child(32), Rabbit(33), Tiger(36), Traveler(37)
Rachel: Timid Hare(5), Mabel(6), Maiden(7), Second Mouse(9), Third Pig(13), Starling(21), Pussy Willow(22), Bobolink(23), Girl(24), Daisy(26), First Monkey(29), Squirrel(33), Child(37)
A LibriVox Volunteer: Deer(5), Little Fish(8), Child(13), Baby Miss(14), Second Chick(15), Little Bird(16), Elephant(17), Wiseman(20), Turtledove(21), Little Girl(30)
Diane Alailima: Brother Hare(5), Little Fir Tree(16), Jack-in-the-box(17), Little Boy(23), Second Fish(29), Trees(33), Lord Jizu(34), Buffalo(35)
April6090: Wolf(6), Woolly Dog(17), New Year(19), Wise Owl(21), Dog(23), Second Monkey(29), Fox(33)
SuperCoconut: Third Mouse(9)
Chuck Williamson: Tiger(17), Cuckoo(23), Third Monkey(29), Thrush(33)
Abby: Mary(22), First Child(33)
Sarah Jennings: Second Child(33)

Narrated by: David Olson
Edited by: David Olson, Tomas Peter, Rachel, A LibriVox Volunteer, Linette Geisel, Chuck Williamson

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, Short works

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Bunny Rabbit and the Lion Group 00:05:14
Play 02 The Odd Man and the Dog True Group 00:03:03
Play 03 The Owl and Grasshopper Green Group 00:01:45
Play 04 Somewhere Town Group 00:00:57
Play 05 The Timid Hare Group 00:02:48
Play 06 Mabel and the Green Lizard Group 00:04:41
Play 07 The Maiden and the Bird Group 00:01:28
Play 08 The Little Fish Group 00:01:13
Play 09 Belling the Cat Group 00:01:57
Play 10 The Fox and the Crow Group 00:01:06
Play 11 Hans and Gretchen Group 00:05:38
Play 12 Lady Moon Group 00:01:18
Play 13 Precocious Piggy Group 00:02:19
Play 14 Strange Lands Group 00:01:25
Play 15 How to get a Breakfast Group 00:01:15
Play 16 The Little Christmas Tree Group 00:03:32
Play 17 Christmas Eve in an Attic Group 00:05:20
Play 18 The New Year Group 00:02:43
Play 19 A Friendship Declined Group 00:01:28
Play 20 The Selfish Man Group 00:03:10
Play 21 The Magpie’s Nest Group 00:02:38
Play 22 Adventures of the First Spring Group 00:04:10
Play 23 The Bird’s Nest Group 00:04:07
Play 24 The Boastful Bamboo Tree Group 00:03:39
Play 25 Return of Spring Group 00:03:13
Play 26 Who holds up the Sky? Group 00:02:35
Play 27 The Fox’s Plan Group 00:02:28
Play 28 Tom and the Lobster Group 00:01:36
Play 29 Why the Jellyfish has No Shell Group 00:09:21
Play 30 I would like You for a Comrade Group 00:01:12
Play 31 Southwest Wind’s Visit to Gluck Group 00:04:48
Play 32 The Child and the Sparrow Group 00:01:02
Play 33 The Rabbit’s Message Group 00:04:11
Play 34 Laughing Sanja Group 00:06:07
Play 35 The Tiger and the Brahman Group 00:06:35
Play 36 The Lion and the Story-teller Group 00:02:58
Play 37 Over the Hill Group 00:01:55