Winchell Smith (1871 - 1933) and Frank Bacon (1864 - 1922)

A Western from 1918, that ran over a 1000 shows on Broadway and was made into movies twice. Lightnin' and his wife run a seedy hotel that straddles the Nevada-California state line, making for an interesting legal situation. When some out-of-town businessmen come to town to try and take advantage of the locals, they discover that there is more savvy in them thar hills than they first thought. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Lightnin' Bill Jones: ToddHW
John Marvin: Andrew Gaunce
Raymond Thomas: Andrew James
Lemuel Townsend: Alan Mapstone
Rodney Harper: Steven Fellows
Everett Hammond: Wayne Cooke
Nevin Blodgett, Sheriff: Son of the Exiles
Oscar Nelson: Greg Giordano
Fred Peters: Paul Harvey
Walter Lennon: Jim Locke
Zeb Crothers: Larry Wilson
Liveryman: Jim Locke
Clerk: Larry Wilson
Mildred Buckley: Annie Mars
Mrs. Jones: Sonia
Mrs. Margaret Davis: Devorah Allen
Mrs. Harper: Diane Castillo
Freeda: Lauren-Emma Blake
Emily Jarvis: Sandra Schmit
Mrs. Moore: Jenn Broda
Mrs. Jordan: TJ Burns
Mrs. Starr: WendyKatzHiller
Mrs. Cogshall: Availle
Mrs. Preston: Michele Eaton
Teddy: Wayne Cooke
Stage Directions: ambsweet13
and: Scotty Smith
Editing: ToddHW

Genre(s): Comedy

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Prologue Group 00:32:46
Play 02 Act 1, Scene 1 Group 01:02:20
Play 03 Act 1, Scene 2 Group 00:25:31
Play 04 Act 2, Part 1 Group 00:34:26
Play 05 Act 2, Part 2 Group 00:43:18
Play 06 Act 3 Group 00:28:51