LibriVox Language Learning Collection Vol. 003


This collection is part of an initiative to create a language learning resource at LibriVox. The LibriVox Language Learning Collections contain readings from various language learning books, grammars, primers, phrasebooks, dictionaries, readers and even other works which contain information on various languages, recount experiences of language learning and encountering new languages or provide guides for correct pronunciation, writing or discourse in a language. These works could describe English or any other language whatsoever, from Latin to Sumerian, Chinese to Wampanoag, Esperanto to Swahili (etc.).

This volume includes 'Abdu’l-Bahá's talk "On the Value of an International Language"; the first section of L.L. Zamenhof's "First Book" (Unua Libro), explaining his great invention—the International Language, i.e. Esperanto; the third Lesson of Barrs' "Beginning Latin"; Gustave Chouquet's "Easy Conversations in French" (11 - 14); Lessons 21 - 25 from "Greek Lessons" by W.H. Morris; Introduction from "Hand-Book of Volapük" by Charles E. Sprague; Leccion Tercera, from "New First Spanish Book", by James H. Worman; Lessons 11 - 15 from "Esperanto in Twenty Lessons" by Caroline Stearns Griffin; Lessons 26 - 30 from "A Practical Arabic Course" by E. Nématallah & E. Chevalley; two sections from the "Student's Greek Grammar" by Georg Curtius; the Preface from "A Grammar of the Persian Language" by the great linguist, Sir William Jones (1746 - 1794); the Preface from "Arabic Syntax chiefly selected from the Hidayut-oon-Nuhvi" by Henry Brown Beresford (d. 1869), which is based on the famous Hidāyatu'n-Nahw by Ibn al-Hājib (1174 – 1249 CE); Chapters 3 - 8 from "Slips of Speech" by John H. Bechtel and, lastly, The Alphabet/Classifications of Sounds from "New Latin Grammar" by Charles E. Bennet.

Genre(s): Language learning

Language: Multilingual

Group: LibriVox Language Learning Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Abdul-Baha on the Value of a Universal Language ‘Abdu’l-Bahá ‘Abbás Etext Nicholas James Bridgewater
00:11:32 en
Play 02 An Attempt towards an International Language: Preface and Part I: Introduction L. L. Zamenhof Etext Nicholas James Bridgewater
00:18:52 en
Play 03 Beginning Latin: Lesson 3 John Edmund Barrs Etext Nicholas James Bridgewater
00:06:46 la
Play 04 Easy Conversations in French 1-14 Gustave Chouquet Etext Kalynda
00:40:12 fr
Play 05 Greek Lessons: 21 - 25 W. H. Morris Etext Nicholas James Bridgewater
00:12:56 grc
Play 06 Introduction from Hand-Book of Volapük Charles E. Sprague Etext Nicholas James Bridgewater
00:15:35 vo
Play 07 Leccion Tercera, from New First Spanish Book James H. Worman Etext MikelMon
00:10:13 es
Play 08 Lessons 11 - 15 from Esperanto in Twenty Lessons Caroline Stearns Griffin Etext Nicholas James Bridgewater
00:32:25 eo
Play 09 Lessons 26 - 30 from A Practical Arabic Course E. Nématallah Etext Nicholas James Bridgewater
00:41:50 ar
Play 10 Of the Greek alphabet from Elucidations of the Student's Greek Grammar Georg Curtius Etext Marilianus
00:41:50 el
Play 11 Preface from A Grammar of the Persian Language Sir William Jones Etext Nicholas James Bridgewater
00:30:19 fa
Play 12 Preface from Arabic Syntax chiefly selected from the Hidayut-oon-Nuhvi Henry Brown Beresford Etext Nicholas James Bridgewater
00:05:59 ar
Play 13 Pronunciation of the vowels and diphthongs from Elucidations of the Student's Greek Grammar Georg Curtius Etext Marilianus
00:23:30 el
Play 14 Slips of Speech: Chapter 03 John H. Bechtel Etext Mike Harris
00:09:02 en
Play 15 Slips of Speech: Chapter 04 John H. Bechtel Etext Mike Harris
00:08:32 en
Play 16 Slips of Speech: Chapter 05 John H. Bechtel Etext Mike Harris
00:19:21 en
Play 17 Slips of Speech: Chapter 06 John H. Bechtel Etext Mike Harris
00:12:44 en
Play 18 Slips of Speech: Chapter 07 John H. Bechtel Etext ashleighjane
00:08:01 en
Play 19 Slips of Speech: Chapter 08 John H. Bechtel Etext ashleighjane
00:07:51 en
Play 20 The Alphabet/Classifications of Sounds from New Latin Grammar Charles E. Bennett Etext Chris Caron
00:04:47 la