LibriVox 14th Anniversary Collection


Works in the Public Domain that have in their titles (or subtitles) the numeral 14 or the words fourteen or fourteenth. This collection is being collected to celebrate the 14th anniversary of LibriVox. - Summary by KevinS

Genre(s): Anthologies

Language: Multilingual

Group: LibriVox Anniversary Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 1914 Rupert Brooke Etext Michael MacTaggert
00:05:33 en
Play 02 My Fourteen Months on the Front. Chapter 1. William Joseph Robinson Etext KevinS
00:14:48 en
Play 03 Verses on a Glass Pen Presented by a Gentleman of Sixty to a Lady of Fourteen Unknown Etext TriciaG
00:01:40 en
Play 04 April 14 Anonymous Etext Sue Anderson
00:03:11 en
Play 05 Die vierzehn Brüder Karl Bartsch Etext lorda
00:02:10 de
Play 06 The White Lady of Hazelwood: A Tale of the Fourteenth Century Emily Sarah Holt Etext Wayne Cooke
00:24:49 en
Play 07 The Black Death in the Fourteenth Century Justus Hecker Etext Louise J. Belle
00:08:39 en
Play 08 Die 14 glücklichen Tage Part 1 Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué Etext schrm
00:50:02 de
Play 09 Die 14 glücklichen Tage Part 2 Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué Etext schrm
00:37:18 de
Play 10 Fourteen Days' Ride Ellen Davenport Etext Anita Sloma-Martinez
00:06:38 en
Play 11 Letter Fourteen Mrs. John Henry Gray Etext Anita Sloma-Martinez
00:11:53 en
Play 12 The Number Fourteen Anonymous Etext Colleen McMahon
00:03:38 en
Play 13 Survey of Occupations Open to the Girl of Fourteen to Sixteen Years Harriet Hazen Dodge Etext Maria Kasper
00:53:56 en
Play 14 ''Song of Myself'' Section 14 Walt Whitman Etext Chris Pyle
00:01:55 en
Play 15 Campaign of the Fourteenth Regiment New Jersey Vol John Newton Terrill Etext Jennifer Fournier
00:17:47 en
Play 16 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the US United States of America Etext Michele Fry
00:05:08 en
Play 17 Shakespeare's 14th Sonnet William Shakespeare Etext Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
00:01:11 en
Play 18 The Lion of Saint Mark: A Story of Venice in the Fourteenth Century G. A. Henty Etext Lynda Marie Neilson
00:02:45 en
Play 19 Psalm 14 Isaac Watts Etext ChadH94
00:01:51 en
Play 20 Holy Sonnet 14 John Donne Etext Eunah Choi
00:02:07 en
Play 21 Fourteen to One Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Etext Devorah Allen
00:56:48 en