Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, volume 05


The Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, is a work of enormous proportions. Setting out with the simple goal of offering "American households a mass of good reading", the editors drew from literature of all times and all kinds what they considered the best pieces of human writing, and compiled an ambitious collection of 45 volumes (with a 46th being an index-guide). Besides the selection and translation of a huge number of poems, letters, short stories and sections of books, the collection offers, before each chapter, a short essay about the author or subject in question. In many cases, chapters contemplate not one author, but certain groups of works, organized by nationality, subject or period; there is, thus, a chapter on Accadian-Babylonian literature, one on the Holy Grail, and one on Chansons, for example.

The result is a collection that holds the interest, for the variety of subjects and forms, but also as a means of first contact with such famous and important authors that many people have heard of, but never read, such as Abelard, Dante or Lord Byron. According to the editor Charles Dudley Warner, this collection "is not a library of reference only, but a library to be read."

This fifth volume contains chapters from "Bismarck" to "Brandt". (Summary by Leni)

Genre(s): Anthologies, Anthologies, Literary Collections

Language: English

Group: Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Essay on Bismarck Munroe Smith Etext Availle
00:17:59 en
Play 02 Letters Ernst Ludwig Wilhelm von Bismarck Etext Jeff Chesnut
00:37:36 en
Play 03 Personal Characteristics of the Members of the Frankfort Diet Ernst Ludwig Wilhelm von Bismarck Etext Jeff Chesnut
00:20:04 en
Play 04 From a Speech on the Military Bill Ernst Ludwig Wilhelm von Bismarck Etext Jeff Chesnut
00:12:41 en
Play 05 Essay on Björnstjerne Björnson William Morton Payne Etext MaryAnn
00:27:17 en
Play 06 Selected poems Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson Etext MaryAnn
00:09:45 en
Play 07 Selected excerpts Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson Etext MaryAnn
00:31:42 en
Play 08 Essay on William Black Charles Dudley Warner Etext Bruce Pirie
00:12:43 en
Play 09 The End of Macleod of Dare William Black Etext Mike Pelton
00:25:24 en
Play 10 Sheila in London William Black Etext MariaS
00:38:01 en
Play 11 Essay on Richard Doddridge Blackmore Charles Dudley Warner Etext Bruce Pirie
00:14:19 en
Play 12 A Desperate Venture Richard Doddridge Blackmore Etext Lee Smalley
00:18:36 en
Play 13 A Wedding and a Revenge Richard Doddridge Blackmore Etext Lee Smalley
00:15:06 en
Play 14 Landing the Trout Richard Doddridge Blackmore Etext rookieblue
00:11:47 en
Play 15 A Dane in the Dike Richard Doddridge Blackmore Etext Mike Pelton
00:21:54 en
Play 16 Selected poems William Blake Etext Bruce Pirie
00:24:31 en
Play 17 Selected excerpts Charles Blanc Etext Bruce Pirie
00:39:01 en
Play 18 Selected excerpts Steen Steensen Blicher Etext MaryAnn
00:27:04 en
Play 19 Selected excerpts Mathilde Blind Etext MaryAnn
00:35:03 en
Play 20 Essay on Giovanni Boccaccio William James Stillman Etext Leonard Wilson
00:32:09 en
Play 21 Frederick of the Alberighi and His Falcon Giovanni Boccaccio Etext Leonard Wilson
00:16:13 en
Play 22 Selected excerpts Giovanni Boccaccio Etext Leonard Wilson
00:16:52 en
Play 23 The Story of Griselda Giovanni Boccaccio Etext Leonard Wilson
00:28:05 en
Play 24 Selected poems and excerpts Friedrich von Bodenstedt Etext Bruce Pirie
00:28:29 en
Play 25 Selected excerpts Johann Jakob Bodmer Etext Craig Campbell
00:15:20 en
Play 26 Of the Greatest Good Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius Etext Bruce Pirie
00:23:46 en
Play 27 Selected poems Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux Etext MaryAnn
00:28:42 en
Play 28 Selected excerpts Marie-Louis-Antoine-Gaston Boissier Etext Bruce Pirie
00:31:17 en
Play 29 Selected poems George Henry Boker Etext Greg Giordano
00:11:46 en
Play 30 On the Beholding of God in His Footsteps in This Sensible World Bonaventura Etext Mike Pelton
00:19:18 en
Play 31 Essay on George Borrow Julian Hawthorne Etext Bruce Pirie
00:19:36 en
Play 32 At the Horse-Fair George Borrow Etext Craig Campbell
00:25:42 en
Play 33 A Meeting George Borrow Etext Lynne T
00:37:40 en
Play 34 Selected poems Juan Boscán Almogáver Etext Greg Giordano
00:15:15 en
Play 35 Essay on Jaques Bénigne Bossuet Adolphe Cohn Etext Eduardo
00:29:28 en
Play 36 Selected excerpts Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet Etext Eduardo
00:29:02 en
Play 37 Selected excerpts James Boswell Etext Eduardo
00:16:41 en
Play 38 The Life of Samuel Johnson James Boswell Etext Bev J Stevens
01:00:00 en
Play 39 Selected excerpts Paul Bourget Etext Alex Clarke
00:33:37 en
Play 40 Selected poems John Bowring Etext Greg Giordano
00:19:24 en
Play 41 A Norwegian Dance Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen Etext Availle
00:18:00 en
Play 42 Advent of the Hirelings Mary Elizabeth Braddon Etext Patti Cunningham
00:34:43 en
Play 43 How Bright She Was, How Lovely Did She Show Mary Elizabeth Braddon Etext Daniel Vimont
00:20:35 en
Play 44 Selected Excerpts George Brandes Etext Craig Campbell
00:43:32 en
Play 45 Selected poems Sebastian Brant Etext Martin Geeson
00:27:45 en